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Fireworks MX 2004 is one of the components in Studio MX 2004 that Mcromedia is about to launch, although it hasn't been released yet, but let's get a sense of what new features it has.

I. Improvement of implementation efficiency

1. Faster Operation

Fireworks MX 2004 performs a maximum of 85% efficiency when opening large pictures or doing some interaction, and some operations such as brushes, scaling, adding special effects, editing text, and so on are more efficient.

2. Improved data-driven Graphics wizard

It will be easier for users to use this wizard. It will be easier to create graphics that are similar to larger ones.

3. Improved scaling and texturing operations

In addition to speed, Fireworks MX 2004 can scale with point when scaling text.

Second, the user interface improvement

1. Improved Property panel

Fireworks MX 2004 provides real-time preview in the material, fill, brush menu, and a fit to Canvas (workspace) button should also be added.

2. gif and JPG support

In the MX version, when you open a file in GIF and JPG format and save it, you can only select Export to save it, otherwise you can only save it directly into PNG format, which is more cumbersome. Now the fireworks MX 2004 can be saved directly in the original format.

3 . Panels and Tabs

Now when multiple documents open, you can use the label switch, similar to the DWMX style. The original preview, 2, 4 labels are made into a button in the toolbar area below the label, more convenient.

4. Add starting page

This is very similar to Microsoft's. NET, where you can quickly access documents you have recently visited, create new documents, and access Help-type things.

Three, built-in FTP login and version control

Use the check in and check out features to ensure unified control of the version under the multiple-program operation, without misoperation causing the file to be overwritten.
At the same time, fireworks MX 2004 built the FTP function, no need to use the FTP software or DW can upload files.

Iv. New Effects

1. Add Contour Gradients

This new gradient effect is already available in Photoshop, which is handy for drawing stars and performing light and shade.

2. Increase the virtual line drawing edge

This time we do not have to adjust the complex brush settings can be made virtual line drawing edge, a lot of convenience.

3 Adding a live effect "add noise"

Fireworks MX 2004 The new addition of this filter is also a wide range of applications, make some simulation material is convenient.

Five, automatic graphics

It is said to be adaptable to your path. Look at the image provided in a few of the default graphics are useful: concentric circles, pie charts, arrows and so on are good things, how many joint intersection drilling trouble AH.

Vi. new photo-retouching tools

1. Add Remove red Eye tool

The camera pictures have red eye effect, Fireworks MX 2004 with this tool can easily solve the problem, the specific effect see figure.

2. Color Replacement Tool

Select a color, you can in this color range, with a similar brush to apply something to another color, that is, magic wand + brush operation of the combination.

3. Dynamic Blur Effect

Motion Blur, we think this filter for a long time, and finally do not have to get Photoshop to do this effect, this is the most commonly used for GIF animation filter.

vii. Server-side code support

Fireworks MX 2004 adds support for server-side code, which is clear when Fireworks MX 2004 is released.

Eight, System anti-aliasing and custom anti-aliasing

Previously written in FW always feel the edge is jagged and not smooth, I hope this fireworks MX 2004 provided by the custom antialiasing effect can bring us surprises. The introduction only mentions the Anti-aliasing customization of the font, and does not know if other objects also support custom anti-aliasing.

Nine, two-byte support

The previous English version of Double-byte font support has always been bad, even if the Chinese version of some input method can not correctly input Chinese, the fireworks MX 2004 explicitly mentioned support Double-byte, let us wait and see.

Provides a JavaScript API interface

Fireworks MX 2004 provides a JavaScript API interface, and it should be easier to develop FW plug-ins using Flash.


From the introduction, FW MX 2004 changes are relatively large, a few people strongly request the function is added, the overall feeling this time progress than fw4 to fwmx progress.

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