First managed server experience complete manual

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First managed server experience complete manual

Author: of Chengdu

With the growth of individual entrepreneurship and small business, the use of servers to provide relevant information, downloads, mail and other services are no longer something new, like in recent years, the network entrepreneurial personal users are also very many, in the Internet to provide entertainment and audio-visual downloads, BBS forums and other host is actually a large number of individuals to provide. Many of the original servers in the home to provide services to the user has been feeling the pressure of the environment, especially for some have already paid service servers, but also need to have a good environment (all-weather air-conditioning environment and stable power supply, etc.), so the choice of host hosting situation is more and more. However, due to host hosting is currently in the country is not very mature state, many prepared to handle the trust of the friend is also a smattering of knowledge, the following author according to their own experience, to say that the hosting host need to prepare something, what kind of standards to choose the custodian, in the actual operation should pay attention to what matters, etc. In particular, in the selection of custodians, the author of many of the friends of the business and server hosting related to their own servers have been hosted to different computer rooms, personal experience plus witness, can say to "choose a reassuring custodian" this topic deep feeling.

First, the preparation before the trusteeship-------budget, in the computer room you know what is called the Gold

1, hosting can bring those benefits

Now many units are still using the virtual host, not only expensive, but also because with other sites share a server, so the speed, bandwidth by a lot of impact, hosting server can bring many benefits, first, unaffected by others, the site more stable high-speed; second, because of the full control of the server, You can run many programs and services that are not able to run; again, greatly enhance the security of the data, think about it, their data is always on someone else's computer, always feel uneasy, this do not have to worry about.

For those who are going to rely on the server to start the Nuggets of friends, the server's utilization value is even greater, can provide external such as, movie downloads, network games, network community, Enterprise Post Office, virtual host and many other services, the most common is the virtual host, now the virtual host although everywhere is, But the space is big some can run database high-end virtual host price is not cheap, such as a support database 500M virtual host space, charge more than 1000 yuan, a server with 120G hard disk, theoretically can open more than 200 such space, of course, the actual is impossible, If you open only one-tenth, open 20 of these spaces, then charge also at 20,000 yuan, can also open a variety of low-grade space, now many non-IT business sites are static product display site, and the traffic is very low, occupy system resources and bandwidth is very small, open hundreds of is not a problem, if each 100M, Charge 100 yuan, then can charge 10,000 yuan, so calculate down, have already charged 30,000 yuan, less server hardware input 5000 yuan, again minus server hosting cost 5000 yuan/year, a year down also has 20,000 yuan gross profit! What if you host 10 servers at the same time? The next year, there will be no hardware costs, up to a 120G hard drive, only hundreds of yuan, calculate profits. Oh, in fact, many friends also run many other services at the same time, such as corporate mail, film download member fees and so on, a server is really a cornucopia ah.

2. What is the better type of a managed server to choose?

Many friends know that it is not cheap to rent a place in the computer room. For many individuals or small business enterprises, in the initial period of investment, although want to save as much as possible, but to learn how to save, not to save the province. Managed hosts recommend a rack-only server that hosts 1U. Although the initial hardware cost is a little higher, but in the long run it is more cost-effective, because the telecommunications room of the hosting fee is based on 1U per year how much money to calculate, if your server is too high, no doubt will pay more for the hosting costs, for example, in a Beijing computer room, Hosted 1U server 4000 yuan/year, hosting 2U server will be 6000 yuan/year, this shows that 1U server in the host area of application is very practical significance. Managed 1U servers are certainly the cheapest than hosting other kinds of servers (such as 2U servers, tower servers, and so on). Therefore, to the hosting, please first of all the parts of your tower server out, loaded into the 1U server chassis, which can save a large amount of money for you, think, the server is to host for many years ah, how much to save ah.

Second, "armchair"--how to choose a good custodian

Classic question: Is it a good bet?

A lot of friends ask me, which custodian is the best choice? If you are studying law, then I ask you, I want to make a lawsuit, choose which lawyer to be good? If you are in the car industry, I want to buy a car, then I ask you to buy what car good? is not feel untold, you will certainly say: "This first see you are what situation, have what specific request ..." "A whole bunch of such truths. We have an old saying in China, "Penny by Penny," is that the right thing to do with everything? According to some people's saying "don't blindly pick, choose expensive must not be wrong", the author firmly said, this is the view is wrong! I do not say server hosting examples, said the car, we are more familiar with, if someone asks you to buy what car good, you say that expensive is good, that China is not all run big BMW Ferrari? A good definition is not one-sided, consumers to buy products or purchase services, is a matter between the two sides, the different needs of customers will naturally have different options, driving the taxi drivers know Ferrari start and speed is fast enough, but in fact, running all over the street are Jetta Xiali or something, that is the truth. So the hosting host you do not blindly to choose expensive on the line, like using a Ferrari soliciting, pull a lifetime still earn not back this.

Classic misunderstanding: blindly chasing low price

The answer you must guess, cheap is not necessarily good goods. But even so, I suggest not to use that kind of super cheap custodian, cheap good goods there is, but the odds are too low, or give up. This is a hard truth, or to the disadvantage of regret.

1. Low-price service providers are incredibly variable.

Now on the market, hosting the price of inconsistencies, the same hosting 1U host, your bid 8000 yuan/year, cheap as long as 2000 yuan/year, so many factors, although can not say that the expensive must be good, but do not think the cheaper the better. So where is the low price service provider? In fact, there is a very important factor is the size of the service provider, is not able to consistently operate, because now do the low threshold of hosting services, management is not very strict, two college students to the machine rent a cabinet can do, but small companies, personal service instability factors too much, In my experience basically half a year or so 80% will have changes, once encountered economic fluctuations or room rent up the profit is too little, washed up, or disorderly change of place, disorderly change IP, it is miserable, do not think this is rare, in fact, this situation is the majority.

2, the running incidents occur

Many small companies are too weak in technology, this in the maintenance of more than 10 servers is not obvious, once rely on low prices attracted more customers, the drawbacks are shown, such as dozens of servers, one or two technicians maintenance is very difficult. More customers, the problem will be more naturally, panic, restart, slow speed, to the computer room overhaul lines, with customers to the computer room, anti-virus, computer room problems, and so on, no matter what the problem, the customer feel is the problem of trusteeship, customer midnight Dozen mobile phone roaring is common, the original collection of money on less, once the follow-up custody of less, capital turnover only , you have to continue to maintain these servers to the end of the year, you say can not bother? Annoying, a cell phone off, love who who, hehe. This is not fresh, a few days ago, a friend dropped more than 40 machines, ran to vacation, mobile phone stop everything. Heartfelt words, hoping to give friends some help.

Of course, I didn't mean to belittle the small company, I think as long as the small company seriously, responsible, endurance, is entirely optional, but some things really do not take the will for the transfer, I see a lot of small companies, began to ambition, less than half a year, most less than 3 months, a big problem. Because this period is the customer much not many, the troublesome matter many stages, many companies are not quite past, on the upside down. Sometimes really can not go ah, you think about two people, midnight to call, server problems, we must go to the computer room, this customer calls constantly, aggressive, there is no problem solving, you said you can not fail?

Again advise those who want to host a friend, if you will be on the server to put hundreds of corporate web site information, that must be careful, once the problem, as long as there are one or two enterprises because of server interruption, Sue to the Trade and Industry Bureau, you are miserable, light is fine, heavy is closed, so try to choose the strength of the norms of large companies, At least not the last phone call and the human evaporation.

Third, the actual combat experience--relaxed four strokes to teach you to choose

First recruit: First time hosting may wish to see the ICP Certificate first

If you are hosting for the first time, want to rely on this server to start a business, digging out the first bucket of gold, then absolutely do not consider the ICP license of the "small company", to lock the quality of good, large-scale, famous, reputable large companies, this is the basic principle, even if more than thousands of yuan is worth, this future you will understand why.

The second recruit: try to cross the unnecessary middleman (intermediary)

As far as possible to cross unnecessary middlemen, less mealy, this is not all to save money (of course, this is one of the factors), because the more middlemen, the future instability factors, may occur shifting, difficult to do. Try to find the hosting provider who rents the cabinet directly from the engine room. A friend asked is not the best direct hosting to the computer room best? I think it may be, but sometimes directly hosted to the computer room, the price is much more expensive than through the middleman, because the room is mainly for those leasing cabinets of the company, for the sporadic hosting server customers are not very important, the service is not necessarily in good with the hosting service provider.

The third recruit: don't rush to inspect the engine room first, suggest to inspect service provider first

Remember, do not ask service providers in the computer room to meet, because the inspection room is the second, the inspection service provider is the fundamental, to the company to see the service provider, the house is not big? How many people are there? Is the scale OK? Is the technology OK? History is not long? General Service providers can not wait about you to see the luxurious room, but remember, the room again luxurious, people's room will not give you any responsibility, out of the problem you only find service providers.

Do not choose to do not have fixed phone, fixed site to do hosting, especially ignore those who only leave PHS, Shenzhou line, QQ number, e-mail people, such people will evaporate at any time, do not look at their online phone talk with you hot, to the serious matter when the vague, so do not put the machine where they put, Or you can't report the machine if it's lost.

The four strokes: the study room focus on its size, history

Although the study room is secondary, but the inspection is also very necessary, do not only listen to service providers boast bandwidth, speed, to see the size of the computer room, history. Now the Beijing machine room, there are new machine room emerged, a said is the level of telecommunications, people say, but the telecommunications class room, did not say that telecommunications open AH, do not misunderstand ah, hehe. Service providers may give you a face-to-face test of the speed of the site, but the good speed of good bandwidth is not always good, this words around the mouth, but it is a common knowledge of the law. A new engine room was originally due to fewer machines, so the speed must be faster, but this new room to take into account the initial start-up costs, often leading to the Internet main line of the total export smaller, operating for a period of time, more customers, the speed will be surprisingly slow (this stage will not be very long, because the new room began to attract tenants at low prices will soon be overcrowded), and many new engine rooms because of talent, equipment, experience, regulations do not keep up, leading to many strange problems, such as Win2000 Machine Fast, FreeBSD machine is slow, once the accident, solve the problem is very slow, frequent interruption of service maintenance and so on. There is now the general appearance of the computer room is more luxurious, such as more open in the four or five-star building, this does not explain anything.

To see a long history of the old brand room, do not think the old machine room equipment obsolete, in fact, it can be stable operation for so long, its accumulation of talent, experience, equipment, reputation, rules, it is the new room is missing.

Iv. Insights--a few of the most selective learning that are easily overlooked

1, to sign a rigorous custody contract

Must sign the rigorous trusteeship contract, clear both sides responsibility, the right, for instance, the service provider debugging machine or the mobile machine changes the IP to be prompt three days in advance to notify the user, otherwise must compensate the loss; the service provider has no right to transfer the server to others and so on. If possible, it is best to look at the hosting service business license, ICP Certificate, if the opening time is too short, it is best to be at a respectful distance.

2, preferably not off-site hosting

If the local room is best hosted locally, do not go all the way to the field, because the server can not all rely on remote maintenance, sometimes not to avoid local maintenance, and far away, no one will help you repair hardware, installation software, even if you are not willing to help you, or charge very black, not necessary.

3, exclusive and sharing, don't give the business to fool

There are now two main forms of bandwidth provided by the custodian, one being exclusive, for example, enjoy 1 trillion, exclusive 10 trillion, exclusive hundred trillion, means that your server can enjoy this bandwidth, not with other servers to share, will not be disturbed by other servers, the price is more expensive; another form is the most common hundred trillion shares, As the name implies, is a cabinet has 100M bandwidth, for this cabinet all the server share (generally put more than 10 units, also have the heart ruthless put dozens of units), this form is now the most common, the lowest price, performance is also good, generally we look at each site's server hosting quotes are referring to this form. It should be emphasized that exclusivity and sharing are two completely different concepts, the price of which is not the same, even if the exclusive 1M price is more expensive than the share. First-time entrepreneurship is not well-off friends, or first choose to share as well, as long as the choice of service providers, its speed is also very good.

I often received a number of "rookie" friends to consult the phone, asked me: If the host in the Hundred trillion shared cabinets, can I guarantee the bandwidth of 30M? Oh, we think, if the exclusive 30M how much money? Obviously this is impossible, the actual situation is, in the general room, if your server for a few days to occupy the bandwidth of more than 5M, you have to be careful, you will be driven out of the engine room. You will slow down the server in the entire cabinet, and people will not do it. You may not understand, since it is 100M sharing, if there are 10 servers, then 100m÷10 Taiwan =10m/platform, but the reality is not such division. Because, the hundred trillion share does not mean that the cabinet is connected to the Internet speed is 100M.

So how much bandwidth does a cabinet have to connect to the Internet? In fact, the industry recognized that can have 10m-20m is good, why? Different, in short, do not worry about their own hundred gigabit network card is not enough to give you a continuous supply of more than 10 days 2M do not yell at the room is good, those who open the promise in the hundred trillion share to give you a 30M exclusive of the people are absolutely liars! Don't think much of it.

Perhaps some friends will ask, my trustee in the contract to me that "to ensure that each server 100Mbps connection speed, to ensure that each server 10Mbps of available bandwidth," this is actually very vague, everyone knows that as long as the server access to the cabinet inside the hundred trillion switch, In the lower right corner of the computer screen flashing small computer logo will show 100Mbps connection, but this does not mean that the server is connected to the Internet speed is 100M. Can only indicate that your server is connected to a switch that is 100M, unfortunately, this does not make much sense, even if the switch to the server to allocate 10M exclusive, but your cabinet switch to connect to the Internet main Line speed of only 10 trillion, also can not guarantee that each server has a true 10M bandwidth Ah! Unless it is stated in the contract that the bandwidth of each server connected to the Internet main line is not less than 10M, that is true, isn't it? This trick is misleading, many service providers in the contract does not understand, so many people really think that they have a unique 10M bandwidth, in fact, this is not rigorous. Should be clear, because to ensure that the server to switch 100M and ensure that the server to the Internet 100M is completely different, this is why hundred trillion shared hosting only 2000 yuan a year, and once it is truly exclusive 10 trillion, at every turn tens of thousands of dollars a year?! That's the truth. Make it clear that you can avoid a dispute.

4, unlimited traffic does not mean unlimited bandwidth, no limit equals who are limited

In many escrow contracts, it is often stated that there is no limit to traffic. Sounds good, actually, to figure out, the flow is not equal to bandwidth ah, do not limit the flow does not mean unlimited bandwidth, like said, a tap, do not limit the flow, but limit the flow rate, faucet only twist a thin trace, although not limit the flow, but one hours also put a cylinder of water. This is also a word game. There are also some custodians that make it clear that we not only restrict traffic, but do not limit bandwidth! Listen very fierce, in fact, people have a word behind: I do not limit you, nor limit others! Come on, all is nonsense, there is no limit, then a cabinet in several machines are to do the download, finally, we are slow as the old cow, you go to find the trustee theory, others plausibly: No way, I do not guarantee your minimum bandwidth, I do not limit your traffic and bandwidth, you can not limit the flow of others and bandwidth, bandwidth on so much, Whose machine is good, Rob more, is whose, I cannot limit. It finally dawned on me that this kind of unrestricted is the most terrifying, probably the slowest. If people don't get it, I would like to cite another example, at the crossroads, there will always be a traffic light, for two roads, there is a "limit", but it is such a restriction to ensure smooth traffic, but if people think that traffic lights are wasting time, the transport Department to take it away, Then the car is a brain block up, at this time you will be through the intersection of the speed is very slow, this "No Limit" has become a "limit."

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