Five crossing-hardware Freedom attendees

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Should friends of the Covenant, to hardware Freedom Day Conference guest speech, this is said 30 minutes, did not expect to be the first speaker accounted for the time, 11:30 to talk, behind there is a brother, had to each half, speak 15 minutes, haha, speed too fast, knowledge points and more professional, estimated that not much understanding, it is their own old, Or others are too young.

People are old, suddenly do not believe in technology, whenever you see geeks, hackers, creators, experts show off the advanced technology, originality, leading, intelligent, contrast technology in the application of the defect, mental retardation, backward, redundant, it is suspected that the technology is wrong, or the product is wrong.
People are old, feeling smart hardware "toy sex" instead of "practicality", "toy sex" play bad experience, bad experience reminiscent of many years ago, "Nanjing Chen Liangyu" case, play a bad moral code, so that "moral" often in the "road side" failure, hardware plus intelligent two words can beautify how long?
People are old, like 5:00, buy 5 skewers, see no crossing-the center of the universe, see the Beauty of the world, see the beautiful, the car (drip hand), TAXI (municipal), black car (folk) Rob Business, see TAXI refused to refuse, look at the chauffeur to confirm identity, see the black showmanship, all messy and orderly, occasionally there are sports So I guess this may be the continuation of the Feast of the Sea and sky.
(author Feng Qinghua embedded Studio-Supervisor) < reprint please note the name of the route >

Five crossing-hardware Freedom attendees

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