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大标题!大背景!要留白!用纯色!越薄越好!今天腾讯游戏的莫同学总结了简约风格设计的五个关键要素,有案例有详述,方法可靠,令人信服,这波简约潮流挡不住,有干货就赶紧学起来吧 >>>

MO: With the continuous development of Web page technology, the trend of Web page design changes, flat, responsive, visual poor scrolling, card-type, etc. to bring more space for designers to play. The simplicity of the design, but also its simple intuitive, thin and beautiful features, more and more by the designer's pursuit and popular love.

So what is minimalist design?

Minimalist design is a design concept that will return to the essence of design. Simplicity is the simple deletion of the content, but the refinement of the design essence, to meet the essence of aesthetic and practical appeal. In the Web page, simple design, often with a clear page structure, simple interactive operation and other characteristics, in order to meet the transmission of information, from the perspective of visual experience, to bring users a relaxed, pleasant beauty.

So in the Web page, how to achieve simplicity?

Here are some of the most common ways:

  First, the big title

The headline as the visual center of the Web page, concise picture as the background of the headline, so it is easy to focus on the visual, so that people can see at a glance what the page is doing. In addition, the title in the font and color, but also try to choose some simple, color single effect, so that the vision will be more pure.

For example: "The most professional DNF" theme station, in order to create the most rich and personalized professional system, the use of exquisite large title design, combined with a simple background, highlighting and not without losing beauty.

  DNF. Qq

For example: Nike to create a comfortable shopping experience, each page with a simple headline and the background of the combination, so that women can easily find their size, that is concise and straightforward;


  Second, large background

Large picture background, is currently the most widely used form of Web page rendering. The whole picture as a background, not only can produce a strong visual impact, but also to the content of the Web page to play a good supplement to effectively highlight the brand image.

For example: QQ rook "dream to start Again" Preheating station, will be covered with a large background of the entire page, each screen contains different meanings, adding to the game's sense of generation, giving people relaxed, happy feeling.


For example, the Quechua Mountain Sports brand, through a few photos and simple text of the description, will Quechua tent characteristics and the environment of the real embodiment, as if a wonderful trip let people heart.


  Third, leaving White

White, is the page composition of an important part of the appropriate to add white, can make the text easy to read, so that the elements of the page are well differentiated, such a design is easy to understand, there is a sense of improving the quality of a page.

For example: "Orc Must Die" first boot page, around a large area of white, and combined with concise layout, so that the page module distinguish between the obvious, visual concentration, good for the user to guide, give a person a delicate and relaxed feeling.

For example: Braun Bleum, the entire page, concise picture and text typesetting, so that the line of sight is very concentrated, so that users quickly focus on content, very consistent with their theme "Less,but better", give people leave aftertaste, imagine space.

  Four, pure color

A page, to give people the first impression is often its color. Different colors bring people different psychological feelings. When we look at the accustomed color gorgeous, contrasting the page, quiet down, return to the most natural state, the use of pure color, will have a different experience and insights.

Such as: Blade Cavalry brand Station, the use of black gold two colors, the Cold War online, the most simple way to express the most pure visual, more contagious.


For example: The Lincoln Movie website, uses the most commonly used black-and-white two color collocation, lets the webpage be so simple and generous, gives the person to leave infinite imagination space.


  Five, "slim" text box and ammonium button

In the page, make the text box or the ammonium button thin and concise, or a solid color or no texture of a thick line of wireframe. This design, while ensuring functionality, gives a slim visual beauty.

For example: "Sylviaspitzbart" makeup studio, the use of slender wire frame, the content is very good segmentation, the page is simple and generous without losing quality.


The simplicity of the Web page, a lot of forms, usually a variety of combinations used, here is not one of them. Want to achieve simplicity, is not a simple thing, it requires us to find, feel, give up, refine, from the visual experience of the point of view to feel the simplicity of the United States, the information more reasonable, effective delivery to users, to bring users a relaxed, practical, enjoyable experience.

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