Flex Development Combat (ii)--flash Builder 4.7 Download and install and hack method

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Summary: Developing flex We need to use ides like Flash Builder, but Flash Builder is not open source. Currently the latest version of Flash Builder development tool is 4.14.1, this article is mainly about Flash Builder 4.7 download, Flash Builder 4.7 installation, and Flash Builder 4.7 hack method (the hack scheme is universal), Get started quickly with friends who want to learn more about flex development.

This content is for some can't afford a genuine, and want to learn the development of Flex wire. This tutorial is tested by the programmer, and the following are some of the issues you might encounter when installing.

First, download

Flash Builder software can be downloaded to Adobe's official website, which requires a member account to be registered. Rest assured, registered account is not required to collect money!

    1. 32-bit: Http://trials3.adobe.com/AdobeProducts/FLBR/4_7/win32/FlashBuilder_4_7_LS10.exe

    2. 64-bit: Http://trials3.adobe.com/AdobeProducts/FLBR/4_7/win64/FlashBuilder_4_7_LS10_win64.exe

Note: Click this link directly, you can still not download, because you are not logged in. Teach you a little trick: first open the Thunderbolt, and then copy this link, because the Thunderbolt default is to monitor the download link, so it will pop up a download box, OK, select the location you want to download can be downloaded directly.

Second, installation and cracking solution:
  1. Preparing the installation file and serial number generator
    The installation files can be downloaded as per the above address.
    To download the serial number generator, Xf-mccs6.exe is the serial number generator, which can be downloaded from this address to:
  2. Disconnect the network, as to how to break the law, this need not I say more.

  3. Check your host file, location: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, see if there are any settings related to Adobe, and if so, clear it off.

  4. After the cleanup is complete, open the serial number generator, generate a serial number, replace the first 4 bits of the serial number with "1424", keep it open, do not close it, and use it later, as shown in:

  5. Install Flash Builder 4.7 and select Install with serial number

  6. Copy the serial number you just generated to the installation serial number box.

  7. The next step is to have the network unavailable prompt box (which is right, just to not let it authenticate), click "Connect Later".

  8. Choose the installation path to install, this is nothing to say. Long waiting to be installed, bored ......

  9. Installation complete, close window

  10. Start Flash Builder 4.7 This time will be connected to the network to verify the serial number, because it was installed before the network has been disconnected, so there will be unable to connect to the network interface, when the point that "Internet connection when the problem?" "Connection.

  11. Select "Offline Activation" and click "Generate Request Code"

  12. Copy the generated request code into the second box in the serial number generator and click the Generate button on the left to generate the final response code.

  13. Copy the generated response code into the Flash Builder's Response code box and click Activate.

  14. In order to prevent the future when we are in use, Flash Builder 4.7 Automatic network authentication, resulting in activation failure, or to add the following lines of things to the host. activate.adobe.com practivate.adobe.com lmlicenses.wip4.adobe.com lm.licenses.adobe.com

  15. All right, you're done. Open Flash Builder 4.7 and take a look at our results. Now you can restore your network.
Iii. Summary

Flashbuilder installation is very simple, I believe everyone will, next blog, we began to introduce the use of flex.

Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.

Flex Development Combat (ii)--flash Builder 4.7 Download and install and hack method

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