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Deliver books! Deliver books! 20 Autodesk geographic information system solutions-FDO, MapGuide, AutoCAD Map 3D Secondary Development Guide free !!



Participation method: 1. follow @ du Changyu-junqilian 2 and @ 3 friends 3 subscribe to the Autodesk Geographic Information Technology blog to win the official recommendation materials of Autodesk, A copy of Autodesk geographic information system solutions-FDO, MapGuide, and AutoCAD Map 3D Secondary Development Guide, compiled by Autodesk MapGuide/Map3D authoritative development experts. The winners will be extracted and announced through a program in April May 13. List of blogs for subscription:


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GIS solution --- in-depth FDO, AutoCAD Map 3D and MapGuide-MapGuide and AuotCAD Map 3D Secondary Development Guide subscription


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      The following blog discusses Revit and Inventor Secondary Development Technologies for your reference:


      I love Revit-application and secondary development column Ye xiongjin Joe Ye-surfing and subscription in BIM tide



        Inventor secondary development-Gear Up Inventor shares Inventor secondary development materials and experience subscriptions

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