10 Tips for developing beginners for games

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For beginners who have just entered the field of game development, they may sometimes find it impossible to know how to master the knowledge and technology of game development. In fact, the vast majority of game development, more about the development process of basic understanding, and rarely how to write complex code. Developers also need to know some of the tricks of game development.

Although each person learns to develop the process will be different, however, the systematic learning method is essential for each learner. For beginners, you should always learn from experienced game developers and learn the skills of game development through their live and video. The more you learn from these experts, the faster you can become a good developer.

For the "System learning method", most people are not unfamiliar. But in fact not everyone can do it. Even developers who have worked for years will forget or overlook some useful methods. Below, let's share 10 tips for beginners in game development.

Think boldly, start with "small"

Beginners in game development do not just want to develop those very bull games, such as Quake and StarCraft. We encourage developers to think boldly and liberate their thinking space. However, for your future ambitions, it's best to start with a small game and then step through your own experience.

You can start your development work from a simple game, especially if you are going to use some new tools to develop the game, start with a simple game first. For example Tetris, this classic puzzle game has all the elements of a successful game. It has only one game loop and will only end when the user exits. It uses visual features and animations to become more appealing. In addition, its game difficulty is simple, but teaches a lot of things to developers. So, first try to develop a simple game like Tetris, you will get a comprehensive learning experience.

Try your own game over and over again

The game must be fun to succeed, it is much more interesting than high-end graphics and stories. If you are not interested in your own game, then no one will be interested in it. So you have to try these games over and over again, even if they are simple. You can try to find ways to make them more interesting and addictive. Once you are satisfied with the results of their development, you can persuade others to play your game. You can invite different people to play games, from kids to seniors, and watch their reactions.

If they seem to be interested in your game, it's good. If they are not interested and are dissatisfied, then you know that your game needs to be improved. Ask their opinion about what aspects of the game they are dissatisfied with and make the necessary adjustments.

Follow other game developers

The widespread development of the game industry has led to an explosive growth in the number of game developers in the world. Therefore, it is difficult to attract attention in the market. But that's not a bad thing, because you can talk to a lot of experts and peers who can help you become a successful game developer.

You can watch the live broadcast of some well-known game developers. For example, there are a lot of experienced game developers on the livecoding.tv that will live the coding process for the game, and will also provide videos to facilitate further understanding and learning by interested audiences.

Follow the News

In any industry, the focus of game development depends on current trends. A particular type of game may be popular in the current market environment, but it may not be long before it is replaced. If you think your ideas are different and worthy of your quest, then you don't need to follow the trend faithfully, but you still need to keep an eye on them.

There are many platforms available to keep you abreast of trends and news in the area of game development. These platforms include the Gamasutra and board Game Geek. You can also focus on Edge magazine, an e-magazine website on game development, or live and video of those game developers on the livecoding.tv.

Try similar games and critically evaluate them

Now, games like Subway surfers (subway parkour) and Candy Crush (candy Legends) are not new concepts at all. It took a lot of cool development work to turn these generic game concepts into games with $ millions of in revenue. This includes cute sounds, visual effects, an eye-pleasing interface, and rustic characters. So, if you know how to design a game in the right way, and you're going to look at other similar famous games in order to design it, then even the simplest game, like Tetris, can be very famous.

Try to evaluate these games with critical thinking, what makes them so good, and try to apply their successes to your game. It makes things interesting.

Try, test, write code

When you are able to work on multiple tasks simultaneously while developing a game, you will start to wonder what it is like to be a professional game developer. If you have a special inspiration, you should execute it immediately and test it. The more slowly this part of the job starts, the harder it is for you to become active in your work plan.

Play as creative as possible

Without originality, there is no point in the development of the game. So don't be afraid to try your crazy ideas and incorporate them into your game. You do not need to follow the specific laws of the book, even in the context of the game, human cognition is not important, as long as it is interesting to the player.

Never stop Learning

In game development, if you don't have an attitude that never learns, you can't be an expert at conquering everyone. Over the years, we've seen a lot of game development platforms and development languages appearing. Game developers cannot avoid the risk of slowing their learning process, so pay more attention to the news, try more in your game and incorporate new trends. It will make your game an up-to-date prospect.

Turn it into a routine thing.

Game development will never suddenly succeed, you need to work hard every day. Don't miss every chance to play your game and work for it, it will be your second nature. If the game is not interesting, then inject enthusiasm and use a way to make it worthwhile. If you can't motivate yourself to work for your game, you may not be able to achieve success in your life.

in the APP Store set the timeline on

If you have a good idea of a game, set up a timeline on the app store to record when the game was developed and published. To make sure that the game you are developing is realistic and workable, then start working on that schedule.

If you follow every milestone, you'll see how important it is to have a quality plan in game development. It also gives you a sense of direction and motivates you to finish your work on time. If you don't publish your game on time, other people might think about it and publish it.


Game development is a highly competitive skill. Beginners need to learn in a comprehensive way and become a good developer. I hope the above sharing suggestions can help beginners. Game development can be a powerful tool, take advantage of it, and play your creative side.

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10 Tips for developing beginners for games

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