32-bit Win7 perfect use of 4G memory crack method

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The old laptop is extended to 4G memory, but because the system is 32 bits, it makes it impossible to use 4G memory perfectly. There are a lot of software installed, and do not want to reinstall the 64-bit Win7 system. So can only think of a way to crack.

Fortunately, there are already solutions:

  1, download readyfor 4GB cracked patch

Address: http://www.crsky.com/soft/34711.html

Win7 4G memory patch (readyfor4g) Download, cracked win7 system 4G memory limit, READYFOR4GB is a fool to write the people to crack Win7 memory 4GB limit tool, so that 32-bit system can use 4G or greater memory. Should be said to be recognized, but the memory is still not good to run out, 4G or more memory, recommend or use 64-bit system.

  2, the use of Readyfor 4GB

Run ReadyFor4GB.exe first after decompression

Click the "Apply" button, the software will be cracked and backed up.

3, after the successful break, and then run Addbootmenu.bat, pop-up command line, enter "Y" and then return. Note that you will not be successful if you want to run this batch file as an administrator.

4, restart the system.

5, restart, the desktop will appear watermark, download "Windows 7 Remove Watermark Tool" under the "Windows 7 Watermark Remover 32bit", input "Y" and then enter the restart can be removed watermark!

6, but now the boot system has 2, you can use the system itself or with the optimization master to modify the default start and start time, you can also delete the old!

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