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To the users of Photoshop software to share in detail the design of business Card 5 common ideas.
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If you want to make a business card, but without the help of a designer, how can you simply design a respectable business card? Here excellent business card through some classic business card design template, say some of my experiences and experience, and communicate with you.
Before this, must emphasize one of the basic principle: If you do not have Monet the same color grasp ability, do not put the business card design colorful, full brim. And don't be too personal.
One such business card seems very cheap (design theory: the more color the more it appears cheap, this is why Carrefour, such as Big supermarket posters are colorful, full brim, and high-end luxury basic large area of white, with very little color reason).
Secondly, due to the limitations of printing technology, colors can not be as gorgeous as the design of the draft. (so a lot of gradient background, a variety of special effects words are best not to appear on the business card)
Three most business contacts mainly create a sense of the feeling, you never know what your customers taste, so the golden mean is the best choice. (This is, of course, for most business cards)
To be more than good, the business card through a number of classic business card templates for you to introduce the idea of business card design.
Idea one: Minimalist style business card design
Although Nokia has changed its research and development of various models of mobile phones, but Nokia sells the most mobile phone is the simplest 3210. This minimalist-style business card may not be enough for you. But I believe this is the most used business card style in the world. About the structure, company logo and basic information, at a glance. The design needs to pay attention to is the choice of font size and layout of the structure can be. The following two business card templates are desirable, the color of information and the color of the logo, the overall feeling is very strong. Need to remind is just like a suit on so several styles, but good or bad a look at it, the key to see the cloth. This minimalist style of card paper must choose texture better, otherwise it will appear very low-grade.

Idea two: On the basis of layout, a little embellishment
Based on the basic layout of a little embellishment, is to enhance the design of the business card is the easiest way (no one)
1. Use color blocks to adorn, while highlighting the information to emphasize. Color swatch selection of the best and logo vi color value the same, increase the overall sense, while deepening customer brand memory.

2. Use the company logo or the company logo art treatment as a decorative pattern.
The general means is to extract key elements, grayscale or lower brightness as shading (such as Aliyun business cards and music business card), or select some part of the logo abstract painting processing (such as Avic Bo Rui and Victoria International Home)

Here to pay special tribute to this business card design, will be marked as the main body, the logo itself became a kind of decoration, and let business cards more visual impact.

3. Select symbolic element as business Card logo
Symbolization is a very important design concept in the design principle, in detail, it has to be said tomorrow, so in short: the so-called symbolism has long been in the concept of some concepts equivalent to the symbol, for example, to see "¥" thought of the renminbi; see the Cross and think of "Christianity", "God" and so on; See the Potala Palace thought of Tibet, see Tiananmen Square thought of Beijing; The greatest advantage of symbolism is the ability to impart an idea imperceptibly. Business card design In the symbolic application is also everywhere, for example, in order to highlight the strength and internationalization will often put a world map. Highlight the regional characteristics will choose one of the most representative of the building. In the process of symbolic use, the most important thing to note is that the symbol must be representative, and the simpler the better. The more representative, the higher the degree of identification, the simpler, the better the communication effect.

Here to pay special tribute to this fish mother's business card design, cleverly using the logo elements made into a pattern, both embellishment of the business card, while emphasizing the information, but also a more balanced business card layout.

4. Decorative pattern, decoration
In fact, the practice is very simple, want to dynamic, scientific and technological, modern feeling on the add dynamic pattern, want the traditional, Chinese, Chinese wind on the Chinese pattern, want to add European European pattern.

Thinking three: Make some changes to the text information
On the basis of the basic layout, the text information to make some changes, but also a business card design ideas. For example, text information to change the color to form the focus of contrast, or to add some small icons to the text information, so that business cards appear more exquisite and modern sense. Our business card design is in this way.

Idea four: Use large color block to separate structure
Large color block and white can form a sharp contrast, information display effect is very good. At the same time it is neat and neat at the same time, there is a sense of style and strength. Slightly handle the color swatch, but also add some artistic sense. Here is the most representative of the domestic famous Internet company shell Network business card design and vertical college card design. Large color block separation structure need to pay attention to the main point is: Color color selection to pay attention to the color of the feeling and the company's business to convey the feeling of consistency, the most error-prone approach is directly with the company logo vi specified color.

Train of thought five: according to the industry plus pattern decoration
Symbols are generally used in traditional business companies, personal business cards or personalized studio, etc., can be decorated with patterns. Expression is more direct, at the same time add a pattern also has the advantage is: many individuals or small studios do not have a logo, it can be replaced by a pattern. Need to pay attention to the technique is: the pattern and business or facing the crowd closely, you can choose the conceptual design, but do not have to use pictures (real pictures, photos, etc.), so as not to appear like a small street card or hotel small card ...

Of course, all the above methods are just some basic ideas of business card design. If you really want to make a high-end business card, find a professional business card designer, without losing is a wise choice. After all, every intelligent person knows that a professional thing is still to be given to a professional.
All right, the above information is the whole content of the 5 common ideas of designing business cards that the users of Photoshop have brought to you. You see the users here, now you are very clear, I hope to bring you useful help.
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