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As a rookie, when you know there's a magic tool for Photoshop, you'll be very focused on using it to make your job more perfect. We've all been through this moment, especially when we started to touch Photoshop and thought it was a magical tool. But if you're not a master or a professional, you'll be more or less guilty of common mistakes that you find unthinkable afterwards. Some mistakes are experience mistakes, some are easy to find, and some may not know why you're doing it.

  Here are five things to remember to never make a funny mistake:

1. Excessive use of Photoshop effect.

Guess what's wrong? It's a technology that relies too much on Photoshop. Look at the picture above, I believe that the audience can not help but find that the advertising conduction to us means "I could tell you exactly, I would like to buy it." Afterwards, when you find that this is a kind of encouraging Aids to fight for the disease, the bicycle race propaganda posters, small knitting and you, are heartbroken. Let's analyze the details of this poster. The first time you look at this poster you will notice the sunflower background in bloom. But it's too close to the bike. The background is too blooming to destroy the main figure picture, breaking the bike wheels and the full shape of the pedal.

The designer of this work wants to have a brighter background and grab the audience's attention. If you keep the subject in a clean background, you can either highlight the subject or avoid excessive use of background material errors.

Friends hint designers, in the use of Photoshop, reduce the "quantity" does not reduce the "price", the appropriate to do subtraction, highlighting the theme.

 2. Material characters lack of broken feet, indomitable spirit (slightly bloody, only to deepen the impression)

It is hard to understand that there are times when the art director spends a lot of time whitewashing models, allowing models to have the best image on the cover of a magazine, and then removing the body of the models from their bodies. For example, in the poster above, Stuff magazine's model innocently sits on a swimming pool skateboard and is inexplicably stolen from his lower extremity! It seems that the glamorous model had been bitten off by a shark who had been swam by an accident at the seaside. At this moment, the art director and the designer in the audience seems to be quite amateur, this is a very wrong reality mistake.

Friends hint designers, sometimes even the big names will have a very amateur mistakes, often the details do a good work, but hidden inexplicable amateur mistakes.

 3. Handling of small details

There is a small matter that we need to draw attention to. It may not be a big deal if you twist a small corner on your clothes. But if you use too much of the obvious small font description in a magazine, it can cause a lot of trouble.

For example, a sexy mannequin from Brazil, pictured above, has no navel on top of a sexy body, but it does appear on Playboy magazines and posters. The Playboy's design director is a neat-and-tidy enthusiast who has a tiny "black spot" above the perfect body.

Friends hint designers, sometimes a real "flaw" or to tolerate it oh.

 4. Use of refraction effect

If there is too much reflection in the works, this design operation will not give us the feeling is not professional is really not very good, but this performance in the production of synthetic images may be a very general piece of error. Look at the picture reflected in the water clouds, most of the clouds in the sky does not exist.

Friends hint designers, brand publicity can be exaggerated, but can not exaggerate, the real sense is to seize the user's core keywords.

 5. Floating Objects

I can immediately explain the error in the poster above. It may not be an error from the beginning to the end of a Photoshop operation ... The woman on the way may be a member of the X-men. She had a special idea for the dish to float in the air without falling. But if there is no supernatural condition, then the designer is simply a mistake by adding a simple element.

Friendship Tips Designers, in addition to the elements, we must take into account the attribution of each element, not for the picture feeling and go too much to add elements.

To summarize the

These are some of the more comical mistakes, some of which are obvious. Don't make this mistake yourself, but remember that Photoshop is just a tool that focuses on requirements and details.

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