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WIN8 official version out, of course, the first time to download a taste, but more of course to download the most functional Enterprise version, in addition to the current only unlimited trial, other methods of cracking I'm lazy to try. Then the necessary software to install some, although the work is in the WIN7, but also do not rule out to WIN8 to use the PS or something. Adobe Update to the CS6 of course also want to download, or the old version of the feeling of the heart is not smooth. The first installation is Dreamweaver CS6, smooth installation, I began to be afraid of a little incompatible WIN8, because the total heard WIN8 a lot of incompatible, but after the use of this period of time, your sister Ah, who is always shouting incompatible incompatibility? Shouting incompatible are not computer-literate rookie, Those who make excuses for themselves with XP. I use to now do not remember have encountered incompatible procedures, it seems to have not met.

Then when the installation of Photoshop CS6, there are problems, prompted the installation failed, this time I thought is compatible, so had to put a CS5 green version with, since CS5 can use, that CS6 is compatible WIN8, but I am too lazy to find a solution.

Photoshop Open failed solution in dual system WIN8

Right, in the use of PS CS5 when a little problem, that is my WIN8 is installed in the F disk, C disk is WIN7, so in the WIN8 system with some software is not directly access to C disk, need permissions. Because the default cache path of PS is C disk, so when you open PS for the second time, PS does not have permission to use C disk, will open failure. Solution can only uninstall reinstall open PS after the first time to enter the edit-preferences-general, and then to the performance inside the C-disk check out, check the other disk, and then save.

I'm going to do some flash animation today, in the installation of Flash CS6 or installation failed, this is intolerable, so ask Niang find methods, many people say download adobe official cleaning tools clear, but I used, useless, restart the computer or installation failed, So finally in a humble answer to the question there to try the next method, did not think really can.

I tried with the official cleanup tool, it didn't work or failed.

Adobe CS6 Series installation failed solution:

A. Open the system disk (my WIN8 is installed in F), is generally c:program FilesCommon filesadobecaps

B. Delete all the. db database files inside. It is really not reassuring to remove these three documents.

Then the installation is successful, and the installer installs some 7788 of the programs that the C + + program will run on.

The above methods are also tested for illustrator CS6, Fireworks CS6, Dreamweaver CS6, aftereffects CS6, PhotoShop CS6 installation failures, and the Adobe CS6 series are generic.

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