A new generation of animated photography workflows in the "Fate/kaleid Liner Magic Girls ☆ Elizabeth" series

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The usual Japanese anime photography, is based on the addition of cell (celluloid celluloid) and the background of the synthetic filter processing mainly, and in the "Fate/kaleid Liner magic Girls ☆ Elizabeth Ya" series, added their own use of 3DCG software to create special effects material of the new photographic style. As the final project of photography, can also benefit from the 3DCG software has been showing the end of my gas series of the 3rd season, "Magic Girl ☆ Elizabeth Jas 2wei herz! "In Asahi Production'sThe group, led by the Chinese and Western director of photography, has practiced the latest photographic workflow under the concept of "cell and CG's new fusion".  "Magic Maiden ☆ Elizabeth 2wei herz! "The PV Elijah GroupThe leader of the Chinese and westernWatanabe Henmi has Zheng Shi, sen Jonai, andThe Whale Kingyang is composed of 3 photographic Director assistants. China and the West have recalled"The 1th season has been made since 1 years ago .Silverlink where to get "this work, to actively use CG performance" consultation. So, ittoread the script stage to participate in the director lineup, carried out the early use of 3DCG performance and the final visual introduction". As a matter of factChina and the West feel theThe past KindUseafter Effects (AE) to complete the bounds of the photographic technique. "Especially the performance of water using AE is difficult. There are also a group of photographers that have some degree of use of CG to handle workflows that are also good to consider. " "Magic Maiden ☆ Elizabeth 2wei herz! "Series of photographic group, from left to right for Watanabe Henmi, Chinese and western Kang-yu photography director, Sen Horonei, Whale Kingyang, are Asahi production staff www.asahi-pro.co.jp.
Right nowThe CG effects produced by the Eliza Group include destruction and fluid performance, as well as magical performance in many ways. "China and the West are constantly practicing new CG effects, exploring and finishing the essentials before continuing (laughter)"(Sengo). "Now need to output CG photographic material situation, how to send orders just good confusion is also a lot, but to understand the CG can be smooth, in the CG role of the texture added special effects on the case, but also through the CG Group and special Effects group intervention to smooth communication"Watanabe Henmi said. The existence of CG in animation has also improved, isThe Eliza group should be concerned. STEP 01: Workflow Learning 3DCG Software while committed to the systematization of workflow in the Elizabeth Group, the use of 3DCG special effects performance and screen development (look development) is the Chinese and westernon its own,Watanabe Henmi is responsible for3DCG related lenses produced by Domerica (1th, 2 season isLark Studio Production). The effect isMori Goodenough and Whale Well are responsible for (), "Elizabeth"The 3D effect of the magic array worth seeing in the series is3 people outside the Chinese and Western are responsible for CG work. Chinese and Western in succession as the mainstream "Fate"series of world views while working to absorb"Elizabeth"original authorGuangshangong and "Elizabeth"The impressions of the directors and performances of successive dynasties have proposed new manifestations and images. However, due to the complexity of the performance of the reproduction series, it is urgent to construct a workflow which can reproduce the unified quality in the limited working time. "With the recent increase in the number of works, the number of employees across the industry in 1 works has to be controlled. In the "2wei herz! "also builds a more systematic workflow than ever before," said the Chinese and western. Here, with the same active as director of photographya discussion was made of the "cell handling" of the special processing of the cell, and the synthesis of light from the background .AEP Slew more"Two kinds of AE scripts. By this automatic processing of the script, the animation 1 words in the 300~400 of the huge number ofThe lens can be completed in 1 weeks. "also want to finish is some reluctantly high-quality works, I think this is also related to their own propaganda, recently also from other companies where the nomination, [3DCG processing can also be photographed] the style is slowly permeated with really happy"said the Chinese and western. In the Elizabeth Group, the effect of using 3DCG software is called "special effects development", and the development is based onof 3ds MaxPhoenix FD,Realflow,krakatoa and other plugins. There is also a "Magic Girl ☆ Elizabeth 2wei herz! ", the special effects were added to the highly ratedHoudini FX, beach and other large-scale fluid effects can be successful performance (described later). About CG effects, in the next 2-3 years to transfer toHoudini Platform as the target. Group composition is "Magic Girl ☆ Elizabeth 2wei herz! "The photographic group of 4 people of the Task Division table. as a director of photography, China and the West are responsible for the scene production and the development of new CG special effects, as well as the difficulty of the lens of high-quality photography work. These were to be supported by the other 3 people. Time-sheet (シート play accentuate) and contour photography per frame (タイミング pinch) are produced by the company'sThe Palace White Stone Studio is responsible, and in time of urgency there will be other project photography staff to join the assistance. Synthetic construction of AE "Magic Girl ☆ Elizabeth 2wei herz! "An illustration of the AE synthesis construct. It is divided into "cell processing" and "Light (Lighting)" Two stages of photographic engineering, while the efficiency of the work is also clear the composition of the structure. STEP 02: "Cell Handling" and "lighting" to ensure that a certain quality color designation is based on the cell processing of the above node, and as a resource to rank. coloring (Shi Shang casual) is a script that performs "cell processing" on the cell, which is excellent in terms related to the main line of color and elimination of the resources, as well as the automatic composition of metal performance and gradient processing .。 Because of the different size of the characters, there are also differences in the number of gradients and highlights, which are set as a benchmark for the corresponding composition, making minor adjustments to the lens.    "It was also considered that the distance between the camera and the object was changed by exponential function, but it was too difficult to calculate the distance by the perspective of the cartoon. The distribution was initially generated by the responsible person, which was also summed up during the production process. ”The Chinese and western said. Not only is the eye under the high light and the eye shadow of the change behind, reference to the original set of additional photographic processing, the cloak of the gradient is not two colors, but added the middle color to enrich the coloring. Of course, "cell processing" is not just a painting material, but also applies to CG characters and copyrighted material. "Close-up is hand-drawn, long-distanceElizabeth was made with 3DCG, and the CG team added photographic processing to the cell as the same material output. The CG model is also studied as the material used in the "cell processing" of the texture, but the former is preferred by the familiarity with the cell ."(Chinese and Western) CG's main line through the photography to add the reduction effect and let the flicker obvious, can also output the material after the reduction. After the cell is processed, it is associated withTime-sheet the background to do the compositing, shifting the state of the corresponding scene to increase flare and flashing "lighting" works where "aEP Change"script. By replacing the resources recorded in the scene with tools that automatically add flare and so on, because it is more complex work, there are more manual adjustments than the "cell processing" work. "The content of the corresponding lens also allows the CG team to output camera information and depth material. In addition, the Orthodox "fate" series of flare in the blur after all Otto, actually in the "Elizabeth"There is also a conscious use of the deformation lens to make the blur slightly elliptical."(Chinese and Western). 2−1 Cell processing (whole process)In charge of color setting Hirai Asami providesEliza's "Turn normal Color" color chartFigure 1 of the overall process of "cell processing". The left is the pre-processing cell (natural), the middle is the color of the "cell processing (first half)" state, the right side is the "Main line processing (line coloring, culling)" completion pattern. Then there is an example of "gradient processing" for cell processing (the first half). Diagram of the overall process of "cell processing" 2, the left side is the cloak and the wings to replace the state of the color by the color table, the middle is to increase the state of the middle color in the gradient. The middle color is determined by the photographic aspect. To the right is to make 3 colors blurred, gradually changing state.An example of the treatment of the eye and eye shadow of the cell processing (the first half). is processed before it is processed2−2. The main line processing (the first half of the cell processing) is shaded by the "Fate/kaleid Liner Magic Girl ☆ Eliza" Photography "cell-processed" (first half). "With"F ' s MAX" AE plug-in to let the paint swell after preparing to eliminate the swelling of the main line of material "(Chinese and Western). Instead of simply inflating, invert the color to swell, and then apply the blur to the color reversal (the color before it is restored). 2−3. The "Cell processing" script <process the use example of the 1> "cell processing" script. ChooseThe state of the AB cell of the remote ban Rin. Script that performs "Cell" processing in this state<process 2> executes the script, just like the display of the window on the way. The seventh session of this lens is automatically moved to the "ep07"folder. According to the lens number written in the folder, selectRin. AEP, after use, change the "AB" Synthesis to "the synthesis of ab_セル processing. <process 4> into the cell processing "ab_ rin _ Mirror interface 2_ M_fxThe composition, with the role to adjust the distance control of the project. <process 5> applies a manual fine adjustment to the completion pattern of the "Cell processing" project. 2−4. "AEP Slew more" script <process 1> "AEP Slew more"Script Use example, select"ab_セル Hishinuma"state, execute"AEP Slew more "script, as shown in the window in the diagram. <process 2> because this lens is in the "mirror-bound Underground" scene, select "The mirror boundary underground _LIGHTING.AEP", the state used<process 3> into the inside, corresponding to the screen to adjust the control layer, and add the parallax effect (parallax effect) in order to read the script into the "AEP Slew more "Add the parallax effect to flare and background and go to"ab_セル Hishinuma Mirror boundary underground フレアパラ"in the compositing options. <process 5> into the flare and background of this scene using the pre-adjustmentParallaxcopy it in. <process 6> Remove FlareParallaxthe composition of the content, corresponding to the current screen adjustment position. Then, on this basis, the background is blurred, and the filter is added to complete the basic processing. 2−5. Light processing is based on the scene to change the reflection of the role of the performance, even if it is not 1 light source can also correspond to the situation. Is the fifth scene of the night lighting example (is the lighting set before, is the lighting set), "responsible for the performance of the colleagues called" trendy space", the individual deliberately considered the finished picture, emphasizing the backlight, the depth of field is relatively shallow"(Chinese and Western)The light example of the scene after the end of the battle, in the 10th (final) speech. is the light setting before the light setting. "Because the color specified in the negotiation is not determined by the color, the cell when using the software set a high-contrast color, in the discussion of photography, the director of the" Golden Color "instructions, in the photography changed the color"(Chinese and Western). STEP 03: Roles and Interactions painting with 3DCG also corresponds to this series as a great opportunity for Eliza Group to practice CG effects, the first season of "Fate/kaleid liner Magic Girl ☆ Elizabeth" (2013), Saber's black fog performance is one example. Painting キャラの movement きに わせる necessary のある This エフェクトを, aeだけで the するのは physical occupies not だったため, phoenixfdを with 上付いて table することにしたわけだ. Painting キャラに わせ, 3ds Max on でcatを make いモーションを into expands, そのリグをシミュレーション Souel sheng Yuan にするという modus だが, painting が がらないと to が the められないためスケジュール bitter にも labor. This special effect is required to correspond to the action of the drawing character, because it is physically impossible to make a representation with AE, which is determined byphoenixfd to make performance. The role that corresponds to the drawing,3ds Max uses cat to create actions, which are simulatedRigThe method of generation, painting is not finished can not work, in the arrangement is also very hard. Then, the biggest threat in the third issue is the yaoqi of the unknown, and in general, the 3DCG character.The scene file for Jill is responsible for CG production.Provided by Domerica. "Because the supervision of the" sand of the Grudge "is the same as the request, useFumefx and Krakatoa to make this impression. The semi-circular dragon roll is a large size to simulate, in the corresponding lens segmentation to use. The same tentacles that surround the rising dragon roll, are practicedHoudini to make, in the final output for a continuous resource affixed to the 3DSMax's form polygon is synthesized. Other water like the sea is also used in the performanceHoudini, rather than reproducing the true sea water, is the feeling of making all the necessary material, such as high-light and white waves, which are blended with the picture, to take out the essential parts to synthesize."Chinese and western" said. The scene of Elizabeth's rush to the Dragon roll bore theThe Fumefx is made of a dragon roll that is represented by the composition of the material of the hole depicted in the painting. It can be said that both photographic and CG experience can be done. In addition,The modeling of the runic letters floating in the air and the CG effects of the shells ' scattering shots areWhale Well is responsible for that. For shell casings, the model's rotational animation is made using 3DCGAE'sparticular make adjustments to the number and time of generation, and use the tools appropriately to achieve the efficiency of the work. 3−1. The black fog emitted by the interactive saber of the painting character is a representative example of CG effects in the 1th season. Useplug-ins for 3ds MaxPhoenix FD to make. Place the paint around the background and use the cat to add the action to the source of the special effects. The biggest advantage of making black fog with CG effects is that you can get the stereo motion of the characters in the picture. "1 weeks processed about 90 lenses. To create CG effects on one side of the camera, rather reluctantly, or to complete the "(Chinese and Western)<Process-1> example of photographic processing of saber, above is the Saber cell (no photographic processing), the bottom is the cell processing and lighting, parallax processing state. The left side is usedThe black fog generated by the Phoenix FD special effects material, the right with CG effect material to apply photographic processing state. You can also use theAEP Slew more"script. <Process-3> after compositing with the background, a series of filters and lighting finishes are implemented. 3−2. Interacting with CG characters in the third season, the sand-like gas field on the Gilgamesh of Jillmade of Fumefx and Krakatoa. In the picture, it is usedFumefx work UI for making CG effects footage. "BecauseJill, almost all of them are made of 3DCG, can be done in the stage of CG to get started very lucky, noDomerica, there's no way to deal with that."(Chinese and Western). The CG effect of the treasure of the "King" of Jill's beauty ismade of the Phoenix FD. is to useliquids, inuse a noise map on the discharge to make water-shape distortions. is a model for creating effects. "The rock-like shape of the model is added by displacement to the undulating movement. The texture of the rockRayFire asperity to do the show."(Chinese and Western)<Process-1> toThe example of a photographic processing by Jill Gamma. is the CG effect material of the sand-iron gas field (withmade of Fumefx and Krakatoa .) is to increase the photographic processing status on the sand-iron gas field. The <Process-2> is usedThe CG effect material of the king's treasures generated by the Phoenix FD is the state of photographic processing of the king's Treasures.   <Process-3>   Composition background All the material, apply lighting and filter processing complete form  step 04:セルと3dcgを Fusion させる  The final なコマの tuning も the で 's really into Cgと painting blending させるためにはCG material も painting と with じように carry うことが important で, CG material のコマ Tsukinuke きも pinch shadow で adjust the line うことで tame dye みが good くなるという. またCG material は yee な painting になりがちなので, ポイントポイントであえて Hishinuma, にアナログ なムラを pay けているのだという.  3 period でイリヤが"ツヴァイフォーム"に Slew body beauty occupies back side occupies description かれる plume のようなエフェクトは, Fumefxとkrakatoa, Particularでテクスチャ material が as されており, feather root inside に2つ, Feather root から souel する2つの 4 kinds of のテクスチャで structure されており, これらの hishinuma rationale も"AEP slew more"を using すれば instantaneous occupies Hishinuma to complete が. また, ステッキの occupies pay いた sphere オブジェクト within the small universe も the が to したcgエフェクトを still draw で book Earpick out したものをCG class にテクスチャ material として to provide することで, CG side of the operating negative load えるといったアシストもしているとのこと.   "3dcgを use してテクスチャ material able machine will が えていますね. First day は painting のガイド with occupies water droplets のシミュレーション material to make into しました. opに able surface occupies fall able water droplets はアーカイブ image をロトスコープして painting していたのですが, sound occupies わせて3 dripping under させた Natsumi Sato write a pinch るのはほぼ impossible であるためphoenix fdでガイドを make したんです (laughter) "と, Western.    "Fate/kaleid linerプリズマ☆イリヤ" メイキング©2015ひろやまひろし? type-moon/kadokawa/"プリズマ☆イリヤツヴァイヘルツ! "   4 period こと" Fate/kaleid linerプリズマ☆イリヤドライ! がすでに decided している Ben シリーズ. First of all, the したとおり new たにプリヤ class specifically with the のレンダーサーバも structure されることが decided まるなど, club のサポートを ながら, さらなるチームの strengthen occupies take moistened group んでいるという.  "とは words Kaedama, では still として3dcgも carry う slew わったチームという, the difference Kagoshima carry いですね (laughter)。 Self-としては necessary occupies forced られてcgソフトを いはじめたわけですが, the new たな the pursuit of していく で less しずつ saturated していけばと think っています"と, Chinese and western が るように, October から with letter がスタートしたwebアニメ" モンスターストライク "では , Supervisor をドメリカの Scs volume also Shi が mission めていることから, Watanabe Henmi have Zheng が pinch shadow Director, Whale Wells が Pinch shadow Director of として to participate in している.   "プリヤ" プロジェクトで placed letter reliability Shimonoseki, occupies, プリヤ class こと West のチームの live が 広    "Fate/kaleid linerプリズマ☆イリヤ" メイキング©2015ひろやまひろし? type-moon/kadokawa/"プリズマ☆イリヤツヴァイヘルツ! "The commission will be   4−1. houdiniによる Accentuate International Watch   "Fate/kaleid linerプリズマ☆イリヤ" pinch メイキング "ツヴァイヘルツ! "ではhoudini fxを new たに into expands, wave dozen accentuate international のcgエフェクトを. "This time はとにかく three-dimensional な movement きさえシミュレーションできればよいとわりきって, かい被り set は fly ばしました (laughter)" (East and West)   "Fate/kaleid Linerプリズマ☆イリヤ" the Shadow メイキング <Process-1>   BO Accentuate International カットのコンポジット example. Hishinuma    "Fate/kaleid linerプリズマ☆イリヤ" メイキング "Fate/kaleid linerプリズマ☆イリヤ" pinch shadow メイキング <Process-2>   (left) Phoenix Fdのocean textureで made into beauty sea material/(right) houdiniで beauty waves accentuate international material    "Fate/kaleid linerプリズマ☆イリヤ" The メイキング <Process-3>   full ての material expands, Hishinuma, and beauty the complete shape   4−2. "Universe" が komagome められた"ツヴァイフォーム"  "Fate/kaleid linerプリズマ☆イリヤ" pinch メイキング "Fate/kaleid linerプリズマ☆イリヤ" pinch shadow メイキング <Asset-1>   ツヴァイフォームは basic に4 species のcgから generation したテクスチャによって into されている. (left) feather root yuan material/(right) アウター with Cgテクスチャ (その1). Painting と with waists direction occupies Earpick, painting のアウター with テクスチャとなるもの (fumefxで)   "Fate/kaleid linerプリズマ☆イリヤ" pinch shadow メイキング "Fate/kaleid linerプリズマ☆イリヤ" Pinch shadow メイキング <Asset-2>   (left) アウター with テクスチャ (その2). Particularで generated/(right) an inner with テクスチャ (その1). Painting feather root occupies paste moistened komagome むテクスチャ, particle flowとkrakatoaで material build   "Fate/kaleid linerプリズマ☆イリヤ" pinch shadow メイキング "Fate/kaleid linerプリズマ☆イリヤ" メイキング <Asset-3>   (left) an inner with テクスチャ (その1) to paint the feather root occupies paste りこんだ (right) an inner with テクスチャ (その2). Painting feather root occupies paste moistened komagome むもうひとつテクスチャであり, particularとfumefxで into している. "This time は main たるビジュアルコンセプトとして" universe "があったので, CG material to make る にときどき stream Forgetれmisaki star が stream れるようにしたのですが, Natsumi Sato International のカットではまず See えませんでした (Laughter)" (west)   "Fate/kaleid Linerプリズマ☆イリヤ "Pinch shadow メイキング" Fate/kaleid linerプリズマ☆イリヤ "pinch メイキング <Asset-4>   (left) an inner with テクスチャ (その2) occupies the hishinuma of Beauty (right) してきた all ての material occupies, feather root painting にブレンド hishinuma and えて color が concentrated kei part of したものを add Kaedama material したもの. Feather root セルを Choose drivers Beauty で"AEP slew more"スクリプトを suitable すれば instantaneous occupies Hishinuma after が able (トラッキングも a で system)   (above) ツヴァイフォームの pinch Hishinuma (the next paragraph) hishinuma the comparison. Basic な Hishinuma Self-させることによって, これまで above にリッチな show moistened すことに success した   

"Fate/kaleid Liner Magic Girl ☆ Eliza" series in the practice of the new generation of animated photography workflow

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