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Recently my wife gave me a death order, let me the computer's "broken speakers" to replace, she really can not endure to listen to music without surround sound, watching movies without overweight bass, play no game stereo sound, singing KTV simply do not sound ... Vulgar speech: "Head can be broken, blood flow, wife orders can not be lost." "Yes, this time must be excellent to complete the task of wife confessed!" Can change the speaker to spend money, if not change the speaker can also bring the wife "audio-visual vibration regrets" not beautiful?

Search the Internet for a long, finally found a name "SRS Audio Sandbox" (hereinafter referred to as SRS) Dongdong, with it I completed the wife confessed task, to create their own family "audio-visual feast"!

What is SRS Audio Sandbox?

SRS Audio Sandbox is a personal computer audio enhancement software that fully delivers stunning surround sound, a bass effect and is very clear enough to satisfy the general desktop speakers. The SRS features two speakers to create a realistic stereo field, and the system applies to all audio sources in both channels, including all stereo, surround sound, and other system-coded sound sources.

One, create many styles of music

Whether it's on-line music or local music, the SRS can repackage it, perfect debut. Start the music player, play a popular song, and then start the SRS software, click the "On/off" button to open it, and then find "music" in the Content (contents) item, and you will find that the surround sound and stereo in the speaker are much stronger than the original. (Figure 1)

Figure 1 SRS Audio Sandbox main interface

Tip: Because the SRS's right side is the design area for displaying sound waveform, it has no special effect. You can click the "smaller" (toggle full mode and compact mode) button in the upper right corner to hide it.

Consider the different types of music played each time, with the SRS classification rendering, the sound effects of the speakers through a completely different sense. The following is an example of the most popular music, choose the "Preset" in RSR, there will be a lot of music style, including "Pop music", "Rock", "Dance", "Hip-Hop", "R&b", "Blues", "Nostalgia", "opera" and other multiple styles, Choose General (pop music) here. The following in the "Speaker (speaker)" To choose a music output mode, including "Stereo", "Surround sound", "around the 5.1-channel surround" and many other, consider the speaker type and placement of different positions, can not be unified choice of music output mode. The easiest way to try each one, find the most suitable for their home music output mode, here I choose "Stereo (stereo)." (Figure 2)

Figure 2 Sound Selection

In the process of listening to music, if the above set after the output of the sound is not able to achieve your hearing requirements, you can basically through the SRS to pack their own sound effects. Click on the "Advanced Controls" (Advanced control) below the SRS to eject the control panel below, which includes "three-dimensional hearing level", "Center audiovisual Grade", "bass level", "speaker audio", etc., which can be adjusted by "pulley" on the right side of each item. Pay attention to the changes of music in the adjustment, adjust the number of items to your satisfactory sound effect so far.

Figure 3 Advanced control options

Tips: After a lot of tweaking your satisfactory sound effects, you can click the "Save" button under "Preset" to apply this setting to "general" so that the same audio settings are applied the next time you play the same kind of music.

Second, the film and television sound shock to debut

Watching movies favorite sound, the sound will surround themselves with the feeling that we are looking for film blockbuster, and this little traditional speakers are basically not satisfied. Will there be miracles with the help of SRS? Open the film blockbuster "Fuse", adjust to the most exciting fighting scenes, the first use of traditional radio to listen to sound effects, feel the fight is flat, contagious and penetrating power is not too shocking. Then open the SRS, the "Content" item first select "Movie", and then "Preset" set to "action", and finally "Speaker" set to "laptop speakers", replay the movie The spirit of the fight scene, Sound effect is not the same, the speaker issued an overweight bass, fighting volume significantly increased, vibration sound significantly enhanced, audio-visual effect shocked the extreme, feeling like a movie theater as wonderful! (Figure 4)

Figure 4 Sound Mode selection

As with setting Music, the audio settings for the movie can also be customized through the "Advanced Controls" on the SRS panel. Many films are of different types and can be used to adjust the sound effects of the film.

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