BGP Route reflector Configuration

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BGPIs the routing protocol used to connect to an independent system on the Internet. It is an enhanced, comprehensive, and scalable protocol developed by the Internet Engineering Task Group. BGP4 supports the CIDR addressing scheme, which increases the number of available IP addresses on the Internet. BGP was designed to replace the original external gateway protocol EGP and is also considered a path vector protocol. The reflector configuration process is as follows:

RotuerB, B, and C are AS 100, and RotuerB is the route reflector.


Router B

Router C

Note: This example only shows how to configure BGP. In actual networking, as long as there is a TCP connection between routers, you can establish a BGP neighbor relationship, that is, you can establish a BGP neighbor relationship as long as you can ping. The configuration of the route reflectors is different only on the reflectors, and there is no difference on the cliet side.

BGP is the protocol for the switch routing information between gateways in the autonomous network system. We have known the BGP protocol through the configuration of IBGP and EBGP and the configuration process of reflectors, I hope you have mastered the above BGP configurations.

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