BMC acquires GridApp to improve Database Automation service capability

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BMC Software company NASDAQ: BMC) today announced the acquisition of GridApp system company (hereinafter referred to as "GridApp "). As a private enterprise, GridApp is an industry-leading provider of automated database supply, patching, and management solutions. By acquiring GridApp, BMC has expanded its existing applications, servers, networks, and customer configuration management products, increased database automation, and achieved end-to-end enterprise application deployment and management across the entire stack.

The GridApp solution greatly reduces the costs, complexity, and risks of deploying and configuring enterprise databases in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. The GridApp solution has been integrated with the BMC BladeLogic server automation and is now serving multiple joint customers.

According to Gartner's research, more than 40% of key IT service interruptions are caused by personnel and process errors and failures, most of the reasons are the lack of coordination between change management, release management, and configuration management. If the enterprise fails to implement configuration automation, increasing the number of change activities will lead to inefficiency and more human errors. Server configuration tools enable IT administrators and engineers to implement system configuration changes more efficiently and effectively.

The automation function of GridApp expands BMC's cloud computing lifecycle management solution, enabling more IT staff to request and manage database resources in the cloud environment. Scott Fulton, Vice President and General Manager of service automation at BMC, said: "BMC's Business Service Management BSM is a key component of many world-class enterprises, this is because the platform has been actively promoting the mission of simplifying and automating IT, which enables IT to skillfully cope with business needs and priorities. The acquisition of GridApp not only adds important automation functions to our products, but also improves the overall level of the BSM platform, this creates the most efficient, consistent, and comprehensive way to obtain IT value in the current industry."

Database is one of the most complex and critical parts of enterprise applications. It requires you to set and manage technical resources. In fact, database administrators usually spend a lot of time manually performing management tasks such as supply, repair, and configuration compliance. Therefore, many IT organizations face major challenges in managing the launch, stability, and configuration integrity of these key resources. This is not only inefficient, but also costly for the business. IT also brings unnecessary latency and inconsistency for it o & M. The GridApp solution automates these management tasks, which brings more IT flexibility to enterprises, improves business reliability, and creates a consistent and compliant IT environment.

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