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WAP's brew Service provides a more extensive access method for users to access brew applications. Brew developers can use this service to promote their own application services. WAP service providers can add special services for the content they provide, thus promoting the development of the entire value-added business industry chain.

WAP uses the WAP page embedded brew hyperlink to call brew. In order to support WAP to call the brew function, the mobile phone manufacturer must make corresponding modifications and support at the OEM layer. When a user clicks a specified hyperlink, the WAP browser directly transmits the link to the Mobile Phone OEM layer. The OEM layer of the mobile phone will start the aee layer of brew based on the link content and execute relevant functions. At the same time, the WAP browser will be suspended. After the brew function is completed, the WAP browser is restored to the page.

The main functions of WAP to call brew include:

1. Directly start mobileshop to connect to the home page of the download center.

2. Directly start mobileshop to connect to the purchase page of the Recommendation application.

3. Start mobileshop to check the upgrade of the application.

4. Directly start the leshop application query function.

5. Start the BREW application directly and pass the content parameters.


Using WAP to call brew services, it is an important technical promotion method to present or promote brew applications through the ISP or CP/sp wap platform. To use WAP to call the brew service function to display an application, the operator or CP/SP needs to obtain the Itemid of the application and the Model Comparison List, and clarify the business name and purpose of the WAP display.

By calling the brew service through WAP, you can increase the access volume of the carrier's mobile value-added service brand. On the page of the WAP browser, you can connect to the brew-based service to guide more users to use the service,
This increases the ARPU of brew for carriers. At the same time, it can enhance the expressiveness of the brew distribution system catalog, enrich the performance and description of applications in the brew distribution system catalog by using WAP's support for images and other multimedia,
This improves user experience and satisfaction.

On the other hand, when the brew service is called through WAP, the operator or CP/SP provides users with a consistent interface, which can stimulate CP/SP to develop mobile value-added services. For example, in the LBS application column, WAP and brew positioning applications can be provided at the same time, so that developers can simultaneously provide WAP and brew applications on the same WAP page.

A WML page file for WAP to call brew services is as follows:

<? XML version = "1.0"
Encoding = "gb2312"?>

<! Doctype WML public "-// wapforum // DTD WML
1.1 // en"




HTTP-equiv = "cache-control" content = "Max-age = 0"/>




Type = "option" label = "return">

Href = ""/>



<Card Title = "Monopoly game">



Monopoly game advertisements and descriptions <br/>

<A href = "cmshop: Itemid = 762368"
Title = "Download"> download Monopoly games </a> <br/>

<A href = "wulininfo. WML" Title = "Detailed description"> game details </a> <br/>

<A href = ""
Title = "return"> return to the upper level </a>




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