Brocade Fibre Switch Price after-sale maintenance

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Brocade Brocade300 Fibre Switch

Brocade switches:

Fibre Channel port : Switch mode ( default ): 24 ports that can be enhanced by on-demand port licenses to 8 port increments to 8 16 generic (E, f, fl or N) Access Gateway default port mapping: 16 f_port< Span style= "font-family: ' The song Body '; >, 8 N_port

Scalability: fully fabric architecture with up to 239 switches

Standard Maximum Support number : single brocade FOS fabric:56 domain,one- hop single brocade m-eos fabric:31 domains,3 hops, larger fabric can be configured on demand, refer to brocade or Oemsan design files for configuration details .

performance :                     1.063gbit/sec line-speed, full-duplex, 2.125 gbit/sec line-speed, full-duplex; 4.25 Gbit/sec line-speed, full-duplex, 8.5gbit/sec line-speed, full-duplex; 1 2 4 port rate auto-sensing; Optionally programmed to fixed port rate ; 1 2, 4 and 8 Gbit/sec

ISL Trunk merger : each ISL trunk rate is up to Gbit/sec . (8- Port x8.5 gbit/sec [ wire-speed ]), whichuses DPS included in the Fabric OS toachieve swap-based cross -ISL load balancing.

Collection Bandwidth : 408gbit/sec:24 Port x8.5 gbit/sec ( line rate ) x2 ( full duplex ).

maximum fabric delay : 8 gbit/sec rate with no contention, pass-through routing for Nano

Maximum frame : 2112 bytes Net load.

frame buffering : You can dynamically allocate a frame of up to 484 frames per port .

service levels : Class2,Class 3,andclass F ( inter-switch frames ).

Port type : Fl_port,f_port,m_port ( Mirror Port ) and E_port; self-discovery based on switch type (U_port); Optional port type control in Brocade Access Gateway mode : F_port and N_port using NPIV technology .

data traffic type :  Fabric switch supports unicast, multicast (255) and broadcast.

media type :           4gbit/sec: requires Boco Coge Plug and draw, small hot , Plug and draw (SFP) lc connector; 4 gbit/sec< Span style= "font-family: ' The song Body '; > short wave laser (SWL); 4gbit/sec long wave laser (LWL); 4 Gbit/sec super long wave laser (ELWL); Max distance depends on cable and port rate, 8gbit/sec: request Boco Coge Plug and Unplug sfp+ Lc connector; short-wave laser (SWL);

usb:                      1 USB port, for firmware download, support save, configure upload / download.

fabric service :          simple name server (SNS); register status change notification (RSCN); NTP v3; Reliable Commit Service (RCS); dynamic path selection (DPS); brocade advanced partition ( default partition, port /wwn partition, broadcast partition ) n_port trunk merger; fdmi< Span style= "font-family: ' The song Body '; ; Management Server; FSPF; Fabric Watch; Extended Fabrics; Isl trunk merger; advanced performance monitoring; Adaptive network ( by data flow qos< Span style= "font-family: ' The song Body '; >, inbound rate limit, traffic isolation, maximum usage, license change ); Ipofc, frame redirection; portfencing; BB credit recovery.

option :                     Rack Mount Rail Kit ( stationary, sliding, mid-mount)

manage :                      Telnet audit, system log, change management tracking; Ezswitchsetup Wizard; Brocade Advanced Web tools; brocade EFCM Standard Edition / enterprise 9.x ( brocade Fabric Manager (: only Fos match Smi-s standard , Smi-s scripting toolset, admin domain; a trial license for the selected plug-in feature.

security :                     ssl Https Ldap (RBAC) Dh-chap ( between switches and end devices ) port bindings, switch bindings, security Rpc Secure copy (SCP) Trusted Switch ipsec ip

admin access :           10/100 ethernet (RJ-45) (RJ-45); USB; through Brocade Efcm Fabric manager integration.

Diagnostics : POST and inline online / offline diagnostics including rastrace logs, environmental monitoring, uninterrupted daemon restart ,fcping and Pathinfo (FC traceroute) , Port mirroring (SPAN ports ) .

Housing : non-port to port side airflow ; 1U, inch in accordance with EIA standards, power supply from the port side.

size : width : 42.88 cm (16.88 inches ) high : 4.29 cm (1.69 in) ) depth : 30.66 cm (12.07 inch ).

system weight : 4.2 kg (9.30 lb ), no sfp/sfp+ media.

operating : humidity : 0°c to 40°c (32°F to 104°f), humidity : 10% to 85% , non-condensing.

Brocade Fibre Switch Price after-sale maintenance

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