Brush Machine Master added 11 mobile phone one-button brush machine

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Recently, the master of the Brush Machine released the latest version of v3.4.2, the functions of further upgrades, version optimization integrated a key brush machine interaction and function, add 11 mobile phone one-button brush machine. Improve the success rate of the brush machine at the same time enhance root master a key root ability, exclusive support for all the use of mtk6582, 6589, 6592 chip of the mobile phone one key root; Add the best game module; optimize backup master, one-button backup without worry, improve PC-side stability.

Brush machine Master v3.4.2 Download:

Optimization of a key brush machine process, brush machine faster and more secure

Brush Machine Master v3.4.2 version of the functions of the synchronized upgrade, optimize the integration of a key brush machine function, the new version of the brush speed will be faster, more concise operation experience, add the following model one-button brush machine: 100+ mobile phone, HTC d816w, Huawei P7 Unicom Version/Telecom version/Mobile, TCL s720t, red meter note , the cool great god F1 unicom version, LG lu6200, Samsung e120l at the same time update root master one key root scheme, enhance root ability, for Android 4.2 part of the model to improve the success rate, root more stable faster!

Root Master exclusive support for all using mtk6582, 6589, 6592 chip one key root

The new version for Root master has also done upgrade optimization, update the model library, upgrade the Android 4.2 model of a key root ability, has supported nearly million Android phone a key root, this update exclusive support for all the use of mtk6582, 6589, 6592 chip mobile phone One key root, such as Huawei Glory 3c , 3X, red meter note, cool send great God, cool great God F1, etc. Whether it is the flagship or the domestic minority mobile phone, all alone, root master, the most powerful one-button root tool, not one!

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