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Brush Machine Master United Le Frog Technology, the introduction of the Brush machine Master Le Frog custom version, the perfect support of a key brush le frog os! Long-awaited Le frog customized version of the official line, the perfect integration of the Le Frog OS and brush machine master, root master, brush le frog smoother! Added 10 more than one key brush machine model, root ability to increase significantly, add a number of a key root model, a key easy access to the root of the mobile phone, prohibit the background software automatically start, so that the mobile phone faster and smoother. At the same time, new backup master, backup and restore mobile phone data more convenient and quick.

This time the brush machine Master Le Frog Custom Edition, in addition to support add new include HTC One X, Glory X1, Billion Tong I6, Huawei y310-5000, red m 1s, cool faction of the Great God (9976a), Gionee E6, Samsung G9006V, such as dozens of models of a key brush machine, but also the exclusive support of Red Meter note, day language Mars a , Gionee elife s5.5, Samsung S7562C and many other models a key to get root permissions, use brush machine master Le Frog custom version of the Brush frog ROM, whether it is to brush the full ROM or upgrade package, the speed is more fluent, as long as the Le Frog OS support models, brush machine Master Le Frog custom version can be a key brush!

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1, integrated le frog OS, brush the frog rom more convenient! "Backup Master" new upgrade to v2.0, backup and restore mobile phone data faster;

2, add support for a key brush machine models: Lenovo A760E, Lenovo A770e, Lenovo S868t, Lenovo P700i, HTC one X, Hisense x6c, cool pie 7268, green Orange N1, Green Orange NX, cool than Rubik's Cube U51GW, Samsung I879, Lenovo a670t, Cool 8720Q, Lenovo K910, Glory X1, Yi Tong I6, Tian language Nibiru H1, Samsung I8552, Cool Pie 5891, Huawei y310-5000, Oppo r829t, Oppo x9007, red m 1s, huawei B199, cool great God (9976a), Gionee E6, Samsung g9006v, cool Pie 8720l;

3, the root function further strengthened, exclusive support Red meter note day Mars A, Gionee elife s5.5, Samsung S7562C, such as dozens of mobile phone model one key root;

4. Optimize the brush machine process, enhance the user experience; fix known bugs.

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One-button brush machine support model: Http://

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