Business printing will enter the era of intelligent------reviews HP M277DW

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With the rapid development of IT industry, more innovative and disruptive products are changing our lives, in addition to smartphones, smart TVs, even the printer this year is also through the intelligence of arming themselves. With the recent HP M277DW as an example, in addition to the printing effect, energy consumption has made great strides in printing, it also provides a more arbitrary way of operation, so that business printing becomes smarter and more humane.
a qualitative leap in print performance
First of all, the printing effect, from the principle of view, the printer printed text and graphics are composed of countless toner particles, these particles if placed under the microscope will show a different form, as shown, it can be seen, with the progress of the process, toner particles are more and more round, which is the printing quality has been the key to improve.

However, the past carbon particles are wax core and the structure of the outer layer, the outer layer is basically polyester and pigments, good toner particles evenly, but not enough strength, relatively easy to break. Based on this issue, HP introduced a new ColorSphere3 toner, it has a hard shell, but the inside of the polyester and wax is soft, the structure of the carbon powder a lot of advantages, the most direct is the soft core inside the heating sublimation temperature is lower, can achieve low temperature fixing, conducive to printing, And the document is clearer. On the other hand, they are not afraid of stirring, at work at the same time the toner is constantly stirring evenly, so that users do not have to shake the toner cartridge, to eliminate the printing of the document color uneven phenomenon.
Intelligent Drum Platform
On HP's M277DW, HP uses the latest jetintelligence new Smart Toner cartridge platform based on Hewlett Packard technology to represent the future of HP Toner Cartridge Technology – maximizing print throughput, controllable management, and quick "one-pull" installation Elevate the printing experience of original consumables to new heights. So how does this come true?

Thanks to the hard shell of the ColorSphere3 toner, the toner is constantly stirred evenly at work, even when it is exhausted, and does not result in poor print quality. On the contrary, before the toner cartridge, we occasionally will be exhausted at the time, the printed text traces are very light and so on, this is the first; second, HP has introduced a toner cartridge margin detection technology, the new smart toner cartridge sensor more than the previous product, can dynamically monitor the toner allowance, drum and transfer roller status information, Ensure that printing is carried out in an orderly manner.
support for Office document Direct printing, NFC printing
In the Mobile Office era, we often copy and copy files at different terminals and print them out, in the past, if we need to print the contents of a USB stick, we must copy it to the computer, but now it is different, when we plug the USB stick, M277DW will recognize the Office document, and can print directly. This way in the future may be more popular with users, because previously printed on the PC, you have to install the driver, quite cumbersome.

There is NFC printing, HP M277DW is using the latest Mopria Alliance standards, to achieve full support for Android phone, as long as the Android phone to open the NFC function, close to the scanner's NFC sensing area, will automatically connect the phone through the WiFi directly connected to the M277DW, Then the documents on the phone can be printed directly. This feature fully meets the needs of mobile commerce, now, mobile phones and tablets have become an important tool for users to work, and the addition of NFC printing, undoubtedly for mobile commerce provides greater possibilities, at least in the data printing, users will not have to worry about the mobile office may bring obstacles.
Of course, M277DW there are more bright spots, such as in the design of more attention to fashion, small, as far as possible to save space, this design concept also made it won the red dot jackpot; In addition, M277DW is quite energy-saving, just mentioned, it can achieve low temperature fixing, in this case, the working state power consumption not more than 400 watts, 200 watts less power than ordinary laser-based machines, and users can make it colorful by uploading photos to M277DW plus exclusive inkjet printing. In general, M277DW in many aspects of innovation and breakthrough, known as "super-white" is not difficult to understand. Of course, it is the most important in the printing effect to achieve a qualitative improvement, in addition, through more convenient, intelligent functions to meet the needs of mobile office, I believe in this product driven, business printing will be fully into the era of intelligence. (Wen/Wangyi see qq:543415188)

Business printing will enter the era of intelligent------reviews HP M277DW

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