Cisco configures endpoints, routers, switches, and servers

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First look at the requirements: (to make the following effect)

Take a look at the overall topology diagram:

put a Laptop : L0

DHCP automatically get IP

put a server-pt : DHCP Server

Set IP

Set Config inside the DHCP

Gateway (first routed address IP )

Dns Server

put a switch: sw0

(No configuration required, just a function of the expansion port)

Place several routers: R0 , R1 , R2,dte , DCE

configure each port's IP Address requirements:

The connection is ensured by means of series

Two cases need to expand the port

when the port is not enough: click Route --physical---nm-1fe-tx

DCE and the DTE : Click Route --physical---wic-1t

at this DCE and the DTE the difference between settings is



Place a DNS Server: DNS Server

IP Set

Set IP Address

Set the default gateway (the first router IP )

Config Set

Getway First Router IP


put a server: WebServer

in the ipconfiguration Medium: Configuration IP address and first router address


eventually in L0 of the Web Broswer Browse

Congratulations on your success!!!

Cisco configures endpoints, routers, switches, and servers

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