Configuration of brocade 300 optical fiber switch, brocade 300 optical fiber switch

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Configuration of brocade 300 optical fiber switch, brocade 300 optical fiber switch
I. Mounting
1. New Fiber Optic Switches are available
Note that the network port and Management port are different
2. wired
Ii. basic configuration
1. Configure IP address and Change User Password
A. The default ip address of the new optical fiber switch is You need to configure the ip address for direct connection.
B. log on to the machine and configure the ip address. Username: admin. The default password is password.
C. The logon interface is as follows. The IP address and logon username are displayed in the lower right corner.
D. Modify the ip address and User Password
"Manage" refers to "Switch Admin" refers to "Network"/"User"



E. The following message is displayed after the modification. You need to log on again.

2. enable port
A. "Manage" refers to "Port Admin", view Speed (Gb/s), Port Status, and click "Enable" (you need to plug the fiber optic cable and Enable it based on the corresponding Port)



B. Check the machine status


3. Configure the Zone

1. Create Alias

First, we need to find the WWN Number of the fiber optic card of the host device:

In linux, you can use the following command to query

[14:19:21 root()@storedg host1]# cd /sys/class/fc_host/host1/[14:19:34 root()@storedg host1]# cat port_name0x21000024ff0a6767

[14:20:29 root()@storedg host2]# cat port_name0x21000024ff0a7aa2
You can use the following command to query the AIX system:

[14:22:27 root@vposdb1 /]# lsdev -Cc adapter -S a | grep fcsfcs0    Available 04-08 FC Adapterfcs1    Available 04-09 FC Adapterfcs2    Available 02-08 FC Adapterfcs3    Available 02-09 FC Adapter[14:22:40 root@vposdb1 /]# lscfg -vpl fcs0  fcs0             U78A0.001.DNWKYDT-P1-C4-T1  FC Adapter        Part Number.................03N5029        EC Level....................A        Serial Number...............1D638080C6        Manufacturer................001D        Customer Card ID Number.....5759        FRU Number.................. 03N5029        Device Specific.(ZM)........3        Network Address.............10000000C95A933E        ROS Level and ID............02C82774        Device Specific.(Z0)........1036406D        Device Specific.(Z1)........00000000        Device Specific.(Z2)........00000000        Device Specific.(Z3)........03000909        Device Specific.(Z4)........FFC01231        Device Specific.(Z5)........02C82774        Device Specific.(Z6)........06C12715        Device Specific.(Z7)........07C12774        Device Specific.(Z8)........20000000C95A933E        Device Specific.(Z9)........BS2.71X4         Device Specific.(ZA)........B1F2.70A5         Device Specific.(ZB)........B2F2.71X4         Device Specific.(ZC)........00000000        Hardware Location Code......U78A0.001.DNWKYDT-P1-C4-T1  PLATFORM SPECIFIC  Name:  fibre-channel    Model:  LP11000    Node:  fibre-channel@1    Device Type:  fcp    Physical Location: U78A0.001.DNWKYDT-P1-C4-T

A. "Manage" refers to "Zone Admin" and "Alias". zones are divided by WWN addresses. The command format is "server name_corresponding HbA"

After finding the WWN, go to the management interface of the optical fiber switch.


B. In Port & Attached Devices (28 Members) on the left, select the corresponding Port and click Add Member to Add the Port to a zone to the Alias Members on the right.

2. Create a Zone
A. "Manage" refers to "Zone Admin" refers to "Zone", which is divided according to Alias, name format: "server name_corresponding HbA _ storage name_corresponding to port 0 controller _ corresponding to Port 1 controller"
B. Add a Zone based on Alias

When creating a zone, you need to add the alias of the host hosts card and the stored alias to the same zone.

3. Create Zone Config
A. "Manage" refers to "Zone Admin" refers to "Zone Config"

B. Use the default configure, select the created Zones name, click "Add member", and Add the zone to config members.

C. Save the configuration. Pay attention to the status bar below. If "end of commit;" appears, it indicates that the configuration is saved successfully.
D. Enable Configuration


After the configuration is complete, configure the storage

How to set a new password for the brocade optical fiber switch

Is an optical fiber channel switch with a throughput of 8 Gbit/s. It is designed for small-sized SAN or large-sized SAN.
Economic entry-level solutions designed at the edge. Small and medium enterprises can simplify IT with this solution
Infrastructure, enhanced system performance, maximizing the value of virtual server deployment, and reducing overall storage costs.
The Default User Name of the brocade fiber switch is admin.
The default password is password.
. Connect to the device through the console and run the command to set the new password. In command line mode, the Brocade switch can use the passwd command to change the user password. The following example uses brocade 300:
Swd77: admin passwd # Use the passwd command to change the current user password
Changing password for admin
Enter old password :#
Enter the default password
Enter new password: # Enter the new password
Re-type new password: # confirm the new password
Passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully
Saving password to stable storage.
Password saved to stable storage successfully.
Swd77: admin
Now that the new password of the optical fiber switch is set, you can use the password of the new device to log on to the device for management and configuration.

EMC DS-300B optical fiber switch configuration

Is it a redundant connection?
This is done by configuring the zone.

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