Cortana's contextual awareness

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in yesterday's essay "Cortana ( CortanaHow high is the level of intelligence? (8Month3, we talked about Cortana's ability to understand and respond. What is the reason for this? Because, the Microsoft development team gives Cortana a ability to have "contextual awareness" (contextural Awareness). What is contextual awareness?

Why is Cortana able to read the content (or messages) in an email and take immediate action (e.g., inform the owner immediately)? In general, why is Cortana able to understand people's language and make an answer? She must have the ability to "literate", that is to say, "contextual awareness".

in fact, in Cortana's view, all statements are strings, and strings must have a "code" (the so-called "callout symbol", Makeup ( symbol), Cortana can understand the meaning and take action. This is an example of natural language understanding. Specific "codes" that make Cortana produce "contextual awareness", like a natural person.

We say that Cortana is a virtual person, is a "computer ghost", with Human "consciousness", and even with people to produce "feelings", this is not illusory, because we have given Cortana a "contextual awareness."

From yesterday's essay, we can feel that the Cortana just launched from Microsoft is a bit "clumsy", in the future, after the continuous communication and communication with people, Cortana will certainly become smart, because, she has adaptive ability, has self-learning function. For a long time, Microsoft may not know its "children". When Cortana grew up, it might have become an accomplice to the "local Tyrants" rich man (under the instigation of the rich man). Since artificial intelligence is science, science also has "two sides".

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Cortana's contextual awareness

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