Dell 14G servers Configure raid via IDRAC9

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Default password for 14G server iDRAC9
IDRAC9 uses the new UI management interface and uses secure password technology. IDRAC9 The default management IP is dynamically assigned to DHCP, all supported systems are randomly attached with a unique idrac default password, unless you choose to set Calvin to password when ordering the system. The factory default security password is located at the bottom of the Server Service Tag tab, and if the Idrac default password appears empty at this point, the default password is Calvin.
Introduction to the Idrac Remote control card
The Idrac card is equivalent to a small computer attached to the server, which monitors and manages the server's hardware status information by communicating with the management chip BMC on the server board. It has its own OS and IP address, regardless of the OS on the server. Idrac is divided into express (free) and Enterprise (charge) versions.
1. Set the IDRAC9 IP address via BIOS
1.1. Boot, according to the interface prompts <F2> enter the <system setup> management interface;
1.2. Select <idrac settings>;
1.3. Select <Network>;
In <network settings> confirm <enable nic> is enabled, select <Dedicated> or <nic under Selection> lom1~lom4 ( Share server 1-4 port) and properly connect the network cable. The IDRAC Enterprise version recommends using the dedicated (private network port) connection method.
1.4. Select <ipv4 settings>;
Enable ipv4= Enabled
Enable DHCP =disabled
After returning to the <idrac settings> interface, enter <user configuration> to set the user name and password to access IDRAC.
The default user name is root, the default password (non-custom model) on the back of the service tag card, the user name and password can be changed in the <user name> and <change password> columns. Set the user name, password and click Back to return.
Click Finish to restart the server.
2.WEB Login, configure raid
2.1. Properly connect the client (such as a notebook) to the Idrac management port on the server and set the IP address of the client correctly. Enter Idrac's IP address in the browser to login to Idrac's management interface;
2.2. In the menu bar Select < configuration >-< storage configuration >-< Virtual Disk configuration >-< Create virtual disks >;
2.3. In the Create Virtual disk interface, the parameters are selected according to the actual situation or default, select the physical disk, click < add to pending operation after completion >;
2.4. Return to the storage configuration interface, select < Apply now > start the operation;
2.5. You can see the execution in < maintenance >-< Job Queue >.

Dell 14G servers Configure raid via IDRAC9

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