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Admittedly, the current large number of consumer digital product design patterns are copied from Apple, whether the process of copying the gradual integration of their own brand characteristics, is the key to success or failure of the product. In one machine desktop computer market, the Apple imac is famous for its fashionable and thin exquisite industrial design, but there are some deficiencies, such as not supporting touch screen. By contrast, Windows producers have more room to play, such as The Dell XPS 27 Touch, the ultra clear touch screen, the more flexible base and the optional Blu-ray drive, all of which are compared to the imac's advantage. So, the 1600-dollar price (about 9800 yuan) of the whole machine, will become the imac's best alternative?

Design: Similar to the imac but more flexible

The Dell XPS 27 Touch version was designed from older models, but the base was redesigned to achieve better touch operations. Most of the cases, the base shaft can work well, and bring a variety of adjustment angle, even to the bottom of the screen to touch the desktop, for touch operation.

In addition, the speaker design at the bottom of the screen is still strong enough to bring a loud volume to fill a medium sized room. However, the back of the fuselage is still used plastic material, making the overall texture is significantly inferior to the imac.

Interface: New Thunderbolt

The Dell XPS 27 Touch version has a rich interface, including 6 USB 3.0 connectors, HDMI, Ethernet interface, SD card slots, and an Apple Thunderbolt interface. Although the Thunderbolt interface is not universal, the transmission speed is very fast, which increases the scalability of the machine.

In addition, there is an inhaled optical drive design on the right side of the fuselage, we evaluate the version is only for DVD, users can also choose a more high-end Blu-ray drive.

Screen: 2560*1440 High resolution support touch

There is no doubt that the Dell XPS 27 touch screen is very impressive, with a 2560*1440 resolution that is the same as the 27-inch imac, but has the advantage of supporting touch operations. However, because the current Windows 8 system for Full HD resolution support is not too good, so some touch icons are very small, virtual keyboard is not full screen, the use of the mouse and physical keyboard or more convenient.

On display, this screen has 100% sRGB and Adobe RGB gamut, and the black performance is solid. It is also one of the brightest computer screens we have ever seen, with an average brightness of 372 guineas.

However, like other touch screen PCs, this screen has a certain glare problem, improve brightness will bring some improvement. All in all, The Dell XPS 27 touchscreen has a state-of-the-art screen configuration.

Peripherals: Wireless Keyboard and mouse

The Dell XPS 27 Touch version of the random peripherals is quite good, the mouse and keyboard are wireless design, feel good, pairing convenient, can bring better input feelings.

Hardware configuration: Overall performance is not a feat

The Dell XPS 27 Touch Edition is equipped with the latest Haswell series processors, models for core i7-4770s and 8GB of memory and 2TB hard drives with 32GB cache for easy access to Internet and multimedia operations. Graphics performance, the machine has built-in NVIDIA GT 750M independent graphics, can run some of the mainstream 3D games, but if the full resolution or the highest quality settings to run a large game, it is more laborious.

Summary: A good choice outside the imac

You can say that the Dell XPS 27 touch will be a good choice if you don't care about the operating system or if you're not a big fan of Apple. It has a clear touch screen, a more flexible base and excellent performance, the price is lower than the 27-inch imac, and the stability of the imac than the thin after a lot better, can be said to be the best of the current Windows integrated machine.


· Excellent design

· HD screen

· Sound quality

· Good overall performance


· The back of the fuselage is plastic material

· Graphic performance is not strong enough

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