Dell r720 redhat5.1 raid Driver Installation Problems

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Two days ago, a Dell r720 installed rh5.1 for business needs. Both the Dell official website and the utilty disc support rh5.8 or above.

The hard disk cannot be found at the partitioning step when the disc is installed. That is to say, the ramdisk of the initrd of the disc does not have the driver of the RAID card,

The procedure is described as follows:

This machine is low-end RAID card, Perc H310 Mini, download the corresponding driver on the LSI official website is an IMG image file, megaraid_sas-v00.00.04.38-1-rhel50-all.img, modified the CD isolinux/initrd. after the imgfile is repackaged, the boot installation can identify the hard disk, and the installation is complete successfully. After the initrd file is restarted, the kernel cannot be loaded after the boot, because there is no RAID card driver in the hard disk's initrd, therefore, the kernel cannot be loaded. Use the installation disk to enter rescue mode, then chroot to the newly installed system, copy the Ko driver to the corresponding directory, and then generate the initrd again. Then start the system, and boot the system properly. In addition, bcm5720 NIC driver does not exist, you need to download and install BCM.

Note: Make sure that the driver version is consistent with the current ISO kernel version.

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I. There are three solutions to the raid driver problem during installation:

1: Modify the initrd file of the CD and copy the corresponding driver to modules.

2: Create a drive disc, install the boot disk, and input the Linux dd to load the disk.

3: directly put the megaraid_sas-v00.00.04.38-1-rhel50-all.img in the CD root directory, In the isolinux/isolinux. cfg specified to load

Ii. Raid driver problems after system installation

Modify the initrd on the hard disk and repackage it.

3. Compile and install the NIC Driver.

1: Download the driver from the Dell official website and install it with dkms

2: Download the BCM official website and compile and install it on your own.


1: extract initrd. IMG from ISO and modify it.

[[Email protected] Test] # file initrd. imginitrd. IMG: gzip compressed data, from UNIX, last modified: Sat Sep 13 22:09:43 2014, Max compression file is gzip compressed [[email protected] Test] # gzip-DC initrd. IMG | cpio-IVD [[email protected] Test] # lsbin Dev etc init initrd. IMG modules proc sbin SELinux sys TMP var [[email protected] Test] # rm-RF initrd. IMG [[email protected] Test] # cd modules [[email protected] modules] # lsmodule-Info modules. alias modules. cgz modules. dep PCI. IDS [[email protected] modules] # mkdir modules. cgz. folder [[email protected] modules. cgz. folder] # cd modules. cgz. folder/[[email protected] modules. cgz. folder] # mv .. /modules. cgz. [[email protected] modules. cgz. folder] # gzip-DC modules. cgz | cpio-IVD [[email protected] modules. cgz. folder] # rm-RF Modules. cgz [[email protected] modules. cgz. folder] # cd 2.6.18-53. EL5/I am a 32-bit system. If it is 64-bit, it should be x86_64 [[email protected] modules. cgz. folder] # cd 2.6.18-53. EL5/i686/copy the Ko driver to the current directory (the megaraid_sas.ko driver must be consistent with the kernel version of the ISO disc) [[email protected] i686] # cp/var/www/data/operating/rh5-1/megaraid_sas.ko. [[email protected] i686] # CD .. /.. /package modules back to modules. cgz [[email protected] modules. cgz. folder] # Find 2.6.18-53. EL5 | cpio-Oh CRC | gzip-9> modules. cgz [[email protected] modules. cgz. folder] # ls2.6.18-53. EL5 modules. cgz [[email protected] modules. cgz. folder] # CD .. [[email protected] modules] # mv modules. cgz. folder/modules. cgz. [[email protected] modules] # rm-RF Modules. cgz. folder: copy the modules of the driver file. alias (this file is under the root directory of the megaraid_sas-v00.00.04.38-1-rhel50-all.img file) alias information to modules. alias [[email protected] modules] # Cat/var/www/data/OS/rh5-1/modules. alias> modules. alias [[email protected] modules] CD .. [[email protected] modules] lsbin Dev etc init modules proc sbin SELinux sys TMP var package all the files back to initrd. IMG [[email protected] Test] # Find. | cpio-Oh NEWC | gzip-9> initrd. IMG [[email protected] Test] lsbin Dev etc init initrd. IMG modules proc sbin SELinux sys TMP var this initrd. IMG contains the megaraid_sas driver. Replace the file with the same name in the isolinux directory of the iso cd file. After the disk is installed, you can identify the file.

I. How to attach an IMG drive Disk

2: Use ultraiso to write IMG to a USB flash drive (or run the DD command in Linux). Enter Linux dd on the installation page when installing the system on a CD to load the image. (I did not try this method successfully)

I: isolinux/isolinux. cfg file load IMG drive disk, add dd = CDROM:/megaraid_sas-v00.00.04.38-1-rhel50-all.img in the append line (I did not test this method)

Append initrd = initrd. IMG dd = CDROM:/megaraid_sas-v00.00.04.38-1-rhel50-all.img

2. There are two methods to solve the raid driver problem after installing the system.

1: Use the installation disc in rescue mode. It will automatically find the Linux system on the hard disk and mount it to/mnt/sysimage as prompted (do not select read-only mode)

Mount the USB flash drive and copy the drive in the USB flash drive to the installed directory (the kernel of the installed system is 2.6.18-53. el5pae. Note that you need to select the corresponding kernel for the Ko file. The kernel during installation is 2.6.18-53. EL5)

Bash3.2 # mkdir/MTN/tmpbash3.2 # Mount/dev/sdb1/mnt/tmpbash3.2 # cp/mnt/tmp megaraid_sas.ko/mnt/sysimage/lib/modules/2.6.18-53. el5pae/updates/bash3.2 # The chroot/mnt/sysimage generation module depends on bash3.2 # depmod-V 2.6.18-53. el5pae backup original ramdiskbash3.2 # mv/boot/initrd-2.6.18-53.el5PAE.img/boot/initrd-2.6.18-53.el5PAE.img.bak to generate new ramdiskbash3.2 # mkinitrd/boot/initrd-2.6.18-53.el5PAE.img 2.6.18-53. el5pae


3. If the NIC Driver has Ko files, you can directly add them as shown in the preceding method, or enter the system before performing operations. The method is similar.

A variety of problems occurred when loading the NIC driver this time. When dkms was installed, an error was reported. When the source code package was used for installation, an error was also reported. Finally, the source code package was used to make the file directly to find out the cause of the error, /usr/src/kernels/2.6.18-53. the el5PAE-i686/include/Linux/PCI. h has no information aboutThe definition of the pci_channel_offline function is not detailed. The sections that call these functions are commented out and compiled.

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Dell r720 redhat5.1 raid Driver Installation Problems

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