Description of new features for custom images designed by Yifei 90 and Yifei New Features

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Description of new features for custom images designed by Yifei 90 and Yifei New Features

The custom image job of yi fei 90 is designed as follows (Figure 1 ):


Figure 1

  • You can set multiple solution numbers for the same program.
  • Each solution can be applied to: all users, the following groups, and the following users (which can be set by group)

    Only one solution number can be set for the same group. For example, only one solution can be set for all users, and the same can be set for both groups and users. The call sequence for a custom solution is user-group-all users.

  • New control type added to the Custom Field of the design definition screen: combo box and edit box (figure 2)


    Figure 2

    (1). the usage of the combo box is as follows (figure 3 and 4 ):


    Figure 3


    Figure 4


    (2). edit box

    ① The settings for opening windows on a custom screen are as follows:

    Figure 5

    Take the order form with the custom field added to the sales invoice as an example. The Order Number and serial number

    First, you need to write two tables by yourself:F2LINKAndADMMI:

    Set the F2LINK table first, For example, adding a record, the COPTH-01 is the number of opened windows (figure 6)

    Figure 6

    Then, goADMMI tableAdd a record COPTH-99 in (Figure 7 ):


    Figure 7

    . Define the content of the window you want according to the existing window similarMI003-> MemoWrite:


    Select #1 #

    From $ COPTH

    Where: TH001 IN ('', TH001) and: TH002 IN ('', TH002) and

    : TH003IN ('', TH003)

    -- ORDER


    -- SEARCH


    -- RETURN

    #2 #

    -- DISPLAY

    #3 #


    Finally, design the custom image:

    When you open the window in the reference document, you can see that the newly added group of input conditions is the supplier number set by yourself.

    You can define the fields and returned fields in the window (figure 8)


    Figure 8

    In this way, the custom fields in the purchase order can be selected according to the custom window (Figure 9 and 10 ).



    Figure 9


    Figure 10

    ② Input information transfer settings information job settings write back the content of custom fields (figure 11)











Figure 11

In the custom content Memo window setting conditions (Figure 12)




After the association is set in the input information transfer settings (Figure 13)

Figure 13

Then, the Custom field is displayed in the custom design screen (figure 14 ),

Figure 14

After the customer ID is selected, the full name of the customer is automatically displayed (figure 15 ).

Figure 15

Does the custom report tool of Yifei erp support SQL 2005 (90) compatibility? I wonder if I can write a cross report using the commit statement in a custom report.

Supported by SQL2005; cross-report may not;
The following error occurs in the custom sales invoice of Yifei 70ERP.

Copy 'admi15c. DLL 'under conducter/system to windows/system32

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