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The design of a successful logo, behind it is often hidden a lot of unknown strategies. In fact, we design logo is a process to success, each footprint is the key to success, each of the distance is affecting the process of success. In short, this segmented distance can be divided into the following prerequisites: Different stages of listening, research, development, feedback and modification.

Maybe people think this is a little abstract, then I from my perspective to analyze a successful logo process.

      Step One: Define issues and understand goals

It is important that we understand the problems that customers face and the goals they expect to achieve.

So, how can we get the main points of the narration? You can try to ask the customer. For example, what is the difference between your company and a competitor of the same kind? What are the best words to describe your company? What type of logo design do you prefer? The above questions will allow you and your customers to communicate better and more quickly to complete the task.

      Step Two: study

After completing step one, the next thing to do is to study the discussion. Comprehensive understanding of customer and competitor information, from the overall logo design has a preliminary concept.

      step three: Inspiration

This time I will be a brief look at some logo design books or some logo collection site, to add some creative blood. In short, only can give you inspiration, must try hard.

      Step four: ideas and sketches

Remember I introduced a Vissumo logo design process, which also introduced to the Vissumo design process, you can also learn from. As a designer, whether you are designing a logo or a website (web design), we have to start from the paper, because the use of pen paper, can be very convenient and quick to implement the sketch of our ideas.

If you use the computer directly to achieve your idea, it will slow down the progress of your ideas, because the computer will have a lot of small details and operations to hinder your play and inspiration burst.

      Step five: Digital execution

The so-called digital implementation, is now it is time for you to get on the computer. After completing your sketch, you can use the relevant digital software to realize your logo preliminary idea. For example, use illustrator to create a logo and so on.

To be an excellent logo, you have to put it in black and white background to check, this effect will be better, Vissumo logo design process in the article has such a process.

      Step five, seven or nine: Customer feedback

You need to frequently contact your customers, communicate and feedback.

      Step Six: More numbers to perform

After receiving feedback from the customer, you will have more choices and inspiration to modify and create your logo, so that you can get a winning effect.

      Step Eight: Color and font selection

Design at least three combinations of colors and fonts, then compare them until you are satisfied with the results.

      Step Ten: Finalize

The final is the process of finalizing, of course, the best choice is to add these logos to their company's business card or website, such a display can let you and customers better see the logo design of the fitness.

      Step 11: Submit

In this way, you will be able to easily submit your work to the customer.

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