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I have always wanted to translate d3d documents to learn and provide convenience to other friends, but I have never had time to do this, today, I occasionally found on the internet that someone has done this well enough. I will post the link to my friends who want to learn d3d. The following things will help you, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the hard work of the author of this document.

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Getting started with direct3d (getting started with direct3d)

-Direct3d architecture (alpha version)

-3-D coordinate systems and geometry (alpha version)

-Device (devices) (alpha version)

-Direct3d object (direct3d object) (alpha version)

-Resources (alpha version)

-Status (States) (alpha version)

-Vertex Declaration (alpha version)

-Vertex formats (alpha version)

-Object geometry (alpha version)

-Rendering (rendering) (alpha version)

Fixed function pipeline (fixed function pipeline)

-Vertex and pixel processing (alpha version)

-Transforms (alpha version)

-Viewports and clipping (alpha version)

-Lights and materials (alpha version)

-Textures (alpha version)

Programmable pipeline (alpha version)

-Programmable stream model (alpha version)

-Vertex shaders (alpha version)

-Pixel shaders (alpha version)

Advanced topics (comming soon)

-Vertex Pipeline)

-Pixel pipeline (pixel pipeline)

-Frame Buffer)

-Effects (effects) (new, 2003/08/10, alpha version)


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