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Cloudera Manager5 and CDH5 Online (cloudera-manager-installer.bin) installation Detailed documentation

include: User name: admin password: admin. Cloudera Manager does not support changing the Admin user name of an installed account.5. Select the Cloudera Manager version to install6. Find the cluster host you specified by hostname and IP address range7. Use SSH to connect to each host to install the Cloudera Manager Ag

English VS2010 installing the Chinese version of the MSDN documentation method

Released on April 12, 2010, the official version of Visual Studio and. NET 4. May 26 Microsoft released the Visual Studio and. NET 4 RTM Chinese version, we prefer to use the English version of VS2010, but want to install the Chinese version of the MSDN documentation to lear

MySQL Installation documentation (Linux official Yum version)

MySQL Installation documentation (official yum install Linx version)creation time:2016-12-20Document Purposein the install mysql server application under Linux. (Note: This document installs the MySQL application using the Yum Library installation , this article assumes that you do not have a third-party released rpm package installed on your system , if you have installed third-party rpm package, please

SRC getpath user documentation (first version)

SRC getpath user documentation (first version) Part 1: Command Line PATH (directory retrieval command ): -T -Sgdic -Reco -F -P -Co -Spider -Hf Csacn (by-Site query command ): -T -Co -Single Hostlist (host list Task Command ): Note: The host list is currently moved to the right sidebar of the dictionary task tab. -T -F -Spider -Slient Port (simple Port Scan command ): -T -P -F -Co DD

"Radish Academy" product Manager Combat Training Camp Course (67 lessons) Full version

the condition judgment carrier57th Lesson Example-Special variables58th Lesson Example-Cashier59th Lesson Example- tweet60th Lesson Example-timers61st Lesson User Experience Model-application of mental modelthe significance of the tolerance of goods availability in the 62nd classThe 63rd class product satisfaction and case analysisthe balance and case analysis of the usability dimension of the 64th class65th class User experience Honeycomb model66th Lesson User experience Five Elementsthe build

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