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This comprehensive set of cards is an indispensable resource for agile teams. The deckAgile in a flashCards teaches leadership, teamwork, clean programming, agile approaches to problem solving, and tips for coaching agile teams. team members can use the cards as reference material, ice breakers for conversations, reminders (taped to a wall or monitor), and sources of useful tips and hard-won wisdom. the cards are:

Bite-sized! Read one practice or aspect at a time in a couple of minutes.


 Smart! Each card has years of practical experience behind it.

Portable! Cards fit easily in your pocket or backpack.


An indispensable tool for any agile team, and a must-have for every agile coach or scrum master.

TheAgile in a flashDeck is broken into four areas: planning, team, coding, and agile concepts. the front of each card is a quick list-a summary of the things you want to know and remember. the back provides further detail on each of the bullet points, and offers sage nuggets of knowledge based on extensive professional experience. tape the cards to your wall, stick them on your monitor, and get agile fast.

About the author
Jeff langr has been building software for over a quarter century. He is the authorAgile in a flash,Agile JavaAndEssential Java Style, Plus more than 90 articles on software development and a couple chapters inUncle Bob's clean code. He runs the software development training and consulting company langr software solutions from Colorado Springs.

Tim ottinger has over 30 years of software development experience including time as an agile coach, oo trainer, contractor, in-house developer, and even a little team leadership and management. he is also a contributing author to clean code. he writes code. he likes it.

Book details

    • Paperback:110 pages
    • Publisher:Pragmatic bookshelf (January, 2011)
    • Language:English
    • ISBN-10:1934356719
    • ISBN-13:978-1934356715
    • File Size:9.3 MIB

Download: pragmatic.agile.in.a.flash.jan.2011.rar

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