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Agile Software Development: principles, patterns and practices--the 2nd Chapter Overview of Extreme Programming

"slices of bread". These slices of bread are the raw data to be analyzed. The analysis program "bakes" these slices and is thus referred to as "toasters". We refer to the individual variables in the data block as "breadcrumbs". In short, it is a useful and interesting metaphor.Of course, metaphor is more than just a name system. Metaphor is the vision of a system that guides all developers in choosing the right name, putting the function in the right place, creating new and appropriate classes

Agile Software Development: principles, patterns and practices--the 4th chapter test

run, the faster you will find any deviations from those tests. If you can run all the tests multiple times a day, the system will not expire for more than a few minutes. This is a reasonable goal. We will never allow the system to regress. Once it is working at a specific level, it must not be reversed to a slightly lower level.However, validation is only one of the benefits of writing tests. Both unit and acceptance tests are a form of documentation. Such a document can be compiled and execute

Agile Software Development: principles, patterns and practices--the 3rd chapter plan

their own estimates and measured by themselves. Developers choose to feel comfortable with their tasks and maintain high quality of work.Managers always get data at each iteration. They use this data to control and manage projects. They don't have to impose, threaten, or plead with developers to express arbitrary, unrealistic goals.It sounds like a nice, relaxing thing, but it's not. Using the data generated by the stakeholders is not always satisfactory, especially when it is just beginning. T

Agile Software Development: principles, patterns and practices--the 14th chapter uses UML

. A real software architect is involved in the code that he or she designs. 14.5 ConclusionUML is a tool, not the end result. As a tool, it can help you to think and communicate the design. If you use it sparingly, it will bring you great benefits. If used excessively, it will waste you a lot of time. When using UML, less is better.Excerpt from: "Agile Software

Agile Software Development: principles, patterns and practices--the 10th chapter Lsp:liskov substitution principle

following code: Public class base{ publicvirtualvoid f () {/*some code* / }}publicclass derived:base{ publicoverride void f () {}}The function f is implemented in base. However, in derived, the function f is degenerate. Perhaps, derived programmers think that function f is useless in derived. Unfortunately, base users do not know that they should not call F, so there is a substitution violation.The existence of degenerate functions in degenerate classes does not always mean that the LS

Agile Software Development: principles, patterns and practices--the 12th ISP: The principle of interface isolation

and cannot be overused. If a class has hundreds of different interfaces, some of which are separated according to the client program, others are separated by version, then the class is hard to figure out, and this kind of hard-thinking is very frightening.12.5 ConclusionFat classes can cause unhealthy and harmful coupling relationships between their client programs. When a client program asks for a change to the Fat class, it affects all other client programs. Therefore, client programs should

Agile Software Development: principles, patterns and practices--9th OCP: open-closed principle

classshapecomparer:icomparer{Private StaticHashtable priorities =NewHashtable (); StaticShapecomparer () {priorities. ADD (typeof(Circle),1); Priorities. ADD (typeof(Square),2); } Private intpriorityfor (Type type) {if(priorities. Contains (type))return(int) Priorities[type]; Else return 0; } Public intCompare (ObjectO1,ObjectO2) { intPriority1 =priorityfor (O1. GetType ()); intPriority2 =priorityfor (O2. GetType ()); returnPriority1.compareto (Priority2);

Agile Software Development: principles, patterns and practices--the 13th chapter of UML Overview for C # Programmers

to change.Translate into natural language description: If the coin event is received in the locked state, it is migrated to the unlocked state and the unlock function is called. If the pass event is received in the unlocked state, it is migrated to the locked state and the lock function is called. If the coin event is received in the unlocked state, it remains in the unlocked state and calls the Thankyou function. If the pass event is received in the locked state, it remain

Agile Software Development: principles, patterns and practices--the 16th chapter, the 17th chapter, the 18th Chapter sequence diagram

has a separate internal thread called the active object. They appear as bold borders, as follows:18.2.6 sending a message to an interfaceExamples are as follows:Send a message to its derived type through an interface:18.3 ConclusionA sequence diagram is a tool. To be used in accordance with its design intent. Use them in front of the whiteboard to communicate with others in real time. Use them in short documents to record those core, important collaborations in the system.In the case of sequenc

Agile Software Development-principles, models and practices

After thinking about it, I decided to record the course of reading in the form of a date. The comments will be part of the discussion and Thoughts on reading. 2005-06-01: I am very happy to have time to read these good books due to my lack of project tension in the past few days. I once again picked up Agile Software Development-

[Agile practices] lightweight installation: reduces the start time of the Agile Software Development Team

is a software development engineer, training mentor and coach at thoughtworks. Patrick is passionate about creating value for his team. Patrick is also enthusiastic about those who enjoy their lives. He believes that it would be better if he could combine his favorite things with his career. Over the past three and a half years, he has guided, led, and participated in many practical

12 principles followed by the Agile Software Development Declaration and agile Declaration

From: Agile Software Development: Principles, models, and practices: Robert C. Martin, translated by Deng Hui] Agile Software Development De

Training Summary of agile software development process and best practices

to master agile practices. The training of software development methods and processes is indispensable in the Organization. Imagine a team that does not even know what is going on with demand analysis and design, and uses agile developm

Ebook download: agile in a flash: Speed-learning Agile Software Development

, stick them on your monitor, and get agile fast. About the authorJeff langr has been building software for over a quarter century. He is the authorAgile in a flash,Agile JavaAndEssential Java Style, Plus more than 90 articles on software development and a couple chapters

[Agile best practices] From poker to software development

goal is to win as much money as possible from your opponent, and the only way to achieve this is to find a way for your opponent to give you more money. Understanding the logic can help you win a few cards, and understanding people can help you win money. People are equally important when delivering software. If software only makes everything work, it is much easier to turn it into an automated job. Howeve

[Best practices] In the agile scrum software development model, how do we start a sprint planning meeting?

In the agile development framework of scrum, the most important part is the Sprint plan meeting. If the meeting fails, the whole sprint will make the scrum team suffer and it is difficult to complete the initial sprint goal. After several attempts, we finally found our own model. These methods and principles are the best for us. Based on our own knowledge and our

Agile Software Development-methodology elements and principles

The methodology is methodology in English. The programming methodology should refer to a complete set of methods, processes, rules, practices, and technologies for software development. However, the methodology we generally mention focuses on projects, processes, and personnel. The methodology proposed by Alistair Cockburn, author of

Principles of Agile Software Development

Principles of Agile Software Development We follow the following principles:1. The first thing we need to do is to satisfy our customers by delivering valuable software as soon as possible and continuously.2. Even after

Principles of Agile Software Development

documents that have been written, or the infrastructure Code that has been created. Only when the 30% feature is required to work can the progress be determined to be completed by 30%. 8. The agile process advocates sustainable development speed. Responsible developers and users should be able to maintain a long-term and constant development speed. 9. Constan

JPG to PDF software free download

JPG to PDF software free download No matter what kind of image you are, if you want to convert it to PDF, a simple and effective method is to convert it to a professional JPG converter. But as a software layman, How do I know whic

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