FIDO-UAF Related Research

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Recently watched 3 weeks of Fido, and then the company felt that it did not meet the company's positioning, stop the investigation.

If you read it, share it.

Here are the certified parts, the $5000 certification fee, I'm looking at the UAF section.

I made a few pages of PPT:

What is Fido, Fido is the abbreviation for fast Identity online and is an affiliate organization that introduces two sets of protocols for online strong security authentication. UAF and u2f.

The following is a Fido based user trading process, very convenient, based on fingerprint verification is also very safe.

Why the use of Fido,fido is to solve the following problems.

Approximate overall architecture:

Registration section, there is more than one wallet service is want to add in, the official flow inside is not. Direct is fido-client to SP client. Just get rid of it. The relevant structure within the process can be found in the document.

Certification section

Logoff section:

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FIDO-UAF Related Research

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