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Think at the outset, the whole of the hype in the Macromedia Company and Adobe Company "Double Swords, invincible" This "big thing", I believe that many fireworks enthusiasts first thought of one of the most unwilling and most likely to appear a result is " Fireworks should be dead. "For the simple reason that Adobe has Photoshop, the continued development of fireworks will only become more embarrassing. However, the vast number of Fireworks enthusiasts cheered the news has emerged, that is Macromedia Company Studio 8 series of the Grand launch, fireworks 8 also impressively listed in which fireworks many fans finally can be assured a smile. Now, fireworks 8 is already on the market, and we have to rush to start our fireworks 8 dream trip.

Fireworks 8

In the next series of tutorials, we will make a detailed and comprehensive introduction to the new features of fireworks 8 so that you can use the fireworks 8 more skillfully.

First, let's take a look at all the refreshing things about Fireworks 8.

1. Panel part--Adjustment and change of working interface

In Fireworks 8, the most notable is the addition of the integrated image editing and view adjustment of the "image editing" panel, as well as the "Auto Shape Properties" Panel and the "Special characters" panel, and some of the panels are also minor adjustments, such as the "Information" panel, the "Property Inspector" The values of the "width, height, X, Y" items of the display adjustment edit area are integrated in, the impression of how the original FIREWORKS3 when this is the case? Oh, do not turn the old account, there is a slight change is the "toolbox" Panel has a slight change, that is the original "bitmap" column in the "Eyedropper" and "Paint bucket/gradient" tool are uniformly adjusted to the "Color" column, the feeling of adjustment and belong to the column more appropriate, in the use of the found "layer" There are two very useful improvements to the panel, which is that not only can you lock the separate object layer where the object is located (Modify | Lock the selected shortcut key ctrl+alt+l by menu command) but you can also quickly select multiple editing objects in the layer panel by using the SHIFT key.

2. Menu part--Enhancement and reorganization of menu commands

Fireworks 8 adds several powerful menu commands that we have to make a grand presentation of: One is the new "convert Marquee to Path" command under the "Select" menu, and then the "Convert Path to Marquee" command under the Modify menu, which can be said to be the launch of these two commands One of the few bright spots in Fireworks 8, there is also the "Lock the selected" command under the Modify menu, which is helpful for fine editing, plus a few of the more useful commands that are added to the Command menu: The Create Shadow command is added to the "Creative" submenu. So that the effect of creating perspective shadow has the simplest solution, there is the "Batch execution command" menu, which incorporates a number of common deformation operations, so that some common command of the operation more relaxed, which we can experience in combat.

Some small changes to the menu commands, we also mention here to facilitate the actual operation of everyone. The Adjust Save command for the workspace layout that was originally located under the Commands menu is moved to the Window menu, the Help menu changes, is richer, is more convenient to learn about the latest fireworks, and is more conducive to online learning.

3, the actual operation--the work flow of fast, easy

The "Save Bitmap Selected" command is still available under the Select menu. But in Fireworks 8 you can save more than one marquee, so you've always had a headache. You cannot save multiple marquee problems, which are resolved here, and you can quickly choose to load a previously saved marquee by using the Restore Bitmap selection command Selection box transformation path and path to the command setting of the marquee provides a very good way for the transformation of vector objects and bitmaps. The path shape of a text object attached to a path can be adjusted again, absorbing the advanced means of Illustrator, This improvement is more convenient for the operation of additional paths for text objects; Enter a text object on the edit area that automatically names the text content to the layer's name; the new "Solid Shadow" command added to the Filter menu group is helpful for creating stereo effects ; The new CSS (cascading style sheet) pop-up menu format saved makes the pop-up menu more flexible to use, the later adjustment is also more intuitive and simple; on text input, you can focus the most recently used fonts on the top of the Drop-down list of font selections, sort of like word processing software. It should be said to a certain extent convenient to use; The optimized batch process is also an effective change to make the batch workflow more efficient.

4. Application details--------object-oriented rich and diverse

In Fireworks 8, in the mixed mode item, a total of 25 blending modes are available for you to use in combat, which should be rich enough; more slicing options, more perfect support for polygon slicing objects, more support for import file formats, and use of Save As Commands can save richer files of other format types; pattern textures also have a few subtle changes, adding several new and more practical "faces"; the style panel also adds a lot of ready-made styles to make it easier to use; In addition, the example buttons, animations that appear after Fireworks 8 are installed , topics and bulletin boards, the latest and coolest resource-making quick start and help is an effective way to quickly cross the threshold of Fireworks 8.

5, Service guarantee--the meticulous and practical of the auxiliary function

Some of the changes on the view items, the most important is the "grid" changes, reduce the number of display grids, into a similar flash-like use of dotted-line grid display mode, while using a lighter color as the default grid color; the ability to automatically save preferences is an improvement to Fireworks 8, Preference parameters can be automatically saved more frequently, which is extremely helpful for customizing the most comfortable fireworks.

Well, the new features of Fireworks 8 we have a general impression of the picture, next we will, how? Describe these features? It's not necessary, is it? Good multi-functional Although said to change, but not let us all to look at, because we only need to go through the simple operation will be clear on the chest, so we are mainly for some of the features must not be introduced to do a detailed introduction.

First of all, friendship to remind you, in the process of installing fireworks, if the following "Default editor" Installation interface, that is, the setting file association interface prompts when the best not to select all the relevant, you can choose according to the actual situation, otherwise, after installation, The default opening tool for these related types of pictures becomes fireworks 8, and I'm sure you don't want to see a very ordinary picture using fireworks 8来?

Select Default Editor

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