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This tutorial is for the people who have a basic understanding of flash (at least you need to know what Flash is?!) If you're not, get to know it!!

Take a look at the tools first:

[1] Arrow Tool (v) tool: Shortcut key V, commonly used tools, drag, choose all depend on it!

[2] subselection Tool (a): shortcut key A, used to modify the line!

[3] Line Tool (N): Shortcut keys L, draw a linear tool!

[4] Lasso Tool (L): shortcut keys L, Lasso selection tool, used to select a part of the object! I don't usually use it!

[5] Pen Tool (p): shortcut key p, Pen tool, everybody familiar? You don't have to tell me more!

[6] text Tool (t): Shortcut key T, type tool, input text, also do not have to speak of it!

[7] Oval Tool (o): Shortcut key O, Circle tool, draw round!

[8] Rectangle Tool (R): shortcut keys R, rectangular tool, drawing rectangular!

[9] Pencil Tool (y): Shortcut key y, pencil tool, my common tool, draw all use it!

[A] Brush Tool (b): shortcut key B, brush tool, I do not use, unless you draw a point of the stars in the sky, basically do not need!

[One] free Transform Tool (q): Shortcut key Q, transform tool, rotate, zoom out and so on it!

[of] Fill Transform Tool (f): Accelerator F, is also a deformation tool, but is used to change the fill gradient color direction of the tool!

[] Ink bottle Tool (s): Accelerator S, add line to fill tool!

[A] Paint Bucket Tool (k): Shortcut key K, fill tool!

[A] eyedropper Tool (i): shortcut keys I, suck tools, to absorb color!

[d] Eraser Tool (E): Shortcut keys E, rubber tools, used to go to school as a rubber bar? You don't have to talk about it!

[A] Hand Tool (h): Shortcut keys H, hand tools, to adjust the canvas position! I often, have a really convenient shortcut key is the space bar, very convenient!

[A] Zoom Tool (m,z): Shortcut keys M and Z, zoom Out tool!

[Stroke] Color: tool to change line colors!

Fill Color: Filling tool!

Snap to Objects: Adsorption tool!

[Smooth]: Make the line more smooth!

[Straighten]: No matter how curved the line, click it, it becomes a straight line!

Want to learn the mouse painting, to practice more than painting (do not light to see do!) )

Just start from the beginning of copying it! How many pictures are there in the computer? Import Flash (Don't tell me you won't, press the shortcut key ctrl+r on it!) The File menu also has ' input '! Put in Layer1, and then create a new layer, the Layer1 lock, in the Layer2 to draw, line Select a sharp point of color, I usually use bright red or blue. Draw, you can use a straight line, according to the picture line drawing line, the best parts placed in different layers, so good modification! This is not a pressure pen (or a stylus, digital board), can only use the mouse method, if you want to learn flash, the best to buy a pressure-feeling pen, about 400 yuan! With this method of painting, is not to practice, hand did not get exercise, there are pressure-feeling pen people directly to the picture, method and the following to say the same, just pressure feel pen more convenient!

I put my hair in another layer of Layer3. It is best to change the name of each layer, so good to remember, good finishing! Here because the layer is not much, also can be divided into clear, do not change!

When finished, bend the line. The eye is on the other floor!

Then select All, click on the property panel after the Pencil drop-down menu, select the hairline the most fine lines, so that the line to become thinner!

Then put the picture layer, that is, Layer1 the eyes of the point, hide this layer, leaving us to draw.

Now you can make changes to the lines, make sure each seam is closed, so that fill the color! Remember to select the snap to Objects of the tool panel, which makes it easier to modify the lines, easily closing the lines! and remove the extra lines!

When finished, cut the layer of hair and eye layer to Layer2 is the layer of clothing, and then modify, delete the extra lines!

Next Draw Shadow! Create a new layer, open Layer1 's eyes, and remove the hidden! According to the shadow of the picture line, line color Select a and picture in sharp contrast to the color, I usually use bright green! As with a straight line, draw a straight line, and then pull the bend, modify, delete redundant lines, there is a pressure of the pen is more convenient!

After the completion, the shadow of this layer of all selected, cut to Layer2, that is, we painted the figure of this layer! Do not cancel the choice, is not to point to other places to cancel the selection, to maintain the appearance of ant line! The following figure:

The following began to color, this is easy, according to the picture to fill the line, you can fill the color you like!

Then press Del to delete the shadow Line (ant line) This is the benefits of not canceling the ant line! Leave no trace, clean! Finally select, change the color of the line, I this is 50% black, this looks more comfortable, if it is black, it looks less natural!

Well, finished, not necessarily the same as the original picture! It can't be exactly the same!

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