git GUI client under Sourcetree--mac OSX

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It's not easy to find a handy GUI client for git under your Mac. Learning tools to use or the path of the first device is suitable for me, that year to get started CVS SVN is so, first through the Tortoise client proficiency in basic operations, and then build a platform to familiarize yourself with the various commands. In fact, if you do not have to use a script to call, there is no need to learn commands, through the GUI to understand the rationale behind is enough.

Screening or quite spent some time, some charges, some use more trouble, such as Collab, seemingly still have bugs, finally chose Sourcetree, simple interface, fast operation. I used to play it a few months ago, and I thought it was a client like GitHub, and can only connect to a BitBucket managed server. In fact, just fill in the correct, you can connect your own server. Here's how:

Click "New Warehouse" on the main screen-clone from URL

My git server is built with the SSH protocol and is populated at the source URL in the following format:

ssh://< User name >@< server ip>:<ssh port number >/<git path >

If the URL is legitimate, the bottom will be prompted, click "Clone" will be prompted to enter the SSH password. After that, it's OK.

git GUI client under Sourcetree--mac OSX

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