Git GUI download Remote source code easy to use introduction

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Learning to program, when appropriate, to get some source code to learn the practice of the project, the technology is very helpful. If you learn. NET, C #, CodePlex has a lot of good source code, recommended a asp.ent: Hovertree

So how do you get and download the code for the project on CodePlex? You can use the Git Gui, easy to operate, not always lose command, but also easy to participate in open source projects. Here's how to get the code.

1. Download the git GUI software first

2. Installation
Installation is usually always next.

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3. Get
Open the Git GUI software, select the Clone submenu of the Repository menu, or press Ctrl+l

Will come to the following interface:

Enter address at source location: Https://
At Target direction, click the Browse button to select a folder, such as E:\codeplex
Then enter \hovertree later, note that the Hovertree folder would not exist, as shown in:

Then click the Clone button and come to the interface:

After waiting for a certain amount of time, you will get the code success and come to the following interface:

At this point, you can see the project code in the folder:

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Git GUI download Remote source code easy to use introduction

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