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Users who are used to Windows do not like to operate with something similar to the command line. Of course, I do not like it either, but it is too slow.
Perhaps with the help of the command line, it is also very common for the Linux system to double the handling efficiency ..
Of course, I am not a great god, so I have to choose a proper tool.

In fact, I believe that the same is true for everyone. After simple learning, you can directly use tools ..
I found a good article git graphical interface client summary
11 git tools are introduced, and there are simple descriptions, which seem to be sorted by the author's preferences.

I downloaded the first three tests.
Tortoisegit is almost easy to get started, because the svn I use is also the old turtle, so there is an inexplicable sense of intimacy ..
Although it is easy to get started, it is not without any disadvantages. Let's just let it go.

The biggest advantage of git is that it adds an icon to each file, so we can directly view the icon to know what file has been modified and what file has been added.
PS: The first installation. After the installation is complete, restart the computer or restart the assumer.exe process to view the icon.
But the icon is really not very nice. Although there are multiple sets of icons to choose from, it is still the kind of icon that is not very interesting ..

In fact, the turtle git directly combines add and commit for one step, which is indeed much more convenient.
However, the submitted interface is a match with the QQ team in 2000, and there is no modification at all. As a front-end, sometimes I cannot bear to look directly at it ..
But as a good tool, I still have to endure it.

There is another option that really doesn't know what the author thinks. It clearly provides the language selection option, but there is only one language .. So I choose a wool?
However, it seems that the Language Pack is officially available, but it cannot be opened on the official website .. Forget it ..

Then I downloaded sourcetree for testing.
After the interface is opened, TTM is fresh. It is a pleasure to use it, and after installation, it is in Chinese by default.
However, there is a pitfall, so that everyone will not be pitted for one afternoon like me ..
Previously, I installed msysgit. Therefore, when installing sourcetree, I did not select to download git. Instead, I directly used the previously installed git, leading to garbled logs.
I don't know how to set it, but the simple solution is to click "use embedded git" in the options to download it again.
I have not found any major disadvantages at present. The only drawback is that there is no icon like the tortoise git. Others are still being tested in detail. If there is any problem, I will continue to write a blog and share it with you ..
We strongly recommend that you use this for free. Of course, you have to register an account and log on to it for free.

The last download of smartgit is really good, but without a Chinese package, I feel a little bad. After making multiple choices, I finally decided to unmount it ..

I now use sourcetree and show me the icons with turtles. The combination of the two is almost perfect.

Okay, that's all about today's sharing.


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