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360 Search at the beginning of the line, is a lot of people look good, in recent days, the site test data said 360 of search traffic has exceeded the total search engine share of 10%, has become the third largest search engine in the country, followed by the hot commentary that "3 dog war" or "300 war" has begun. In fact, there are at least 3 places worth studying, one is Sogou operation 8 years can be online only a few days of 360 search collapse; the second is 360 days of traffic data test accuracy and authority; The third is 360 search this change the normal, low-key of the tangled, Zhou Hongyi is the entire search engine industry in readiness?

Presumably, it is because of the low-key 360 search, only to explain Zhou Hongyi to the search engine in the entrepreneurial attention, or 360 search now does not have the advantage, will be everywhere weakness, and so do strong when the search engine war, not Ming is already, blockbuster. Before I in the "Qihoo 360 into the search engine market 6 Big guess" A article has mentioned that 360 search will eventually fight with Baidu, which can be attributed to years of fetters. Now Baidu first strike for strong, aware of 360 will go "security experts" series of routes, then prioritized the formation of a search security alliance, although the 360 of the crackdown on the perfunctory, but showed their attitude. 360 still did not fight back, but silently do their own thing, in the navigation home also replaced their own search engine.

360 so low-key, will not cause sympathy for other search, in fact, just enter the site of the search engine, the veteran of the new people did not cause the siege of other predecessors, has been considered good, and only in this way will slowly win the goodwill of others, only to further buy the possibility of people alliances. 360 low-key foray into the search engine market is a step to chess, so that can avoid a lot of disputes, in this visible, Zhou 祎 flexible, become a big event and soon. I think that 360 if you want to gain a firm foothold in the search engine industry, you can consider the following points.

alliances, assemble the target at Baidu

This approach is available at the moment, can persuade several other search engines together to curb Baidu, see Zhou Hongyi will not have been low-key and later strategy, as long as its "to meet the needs of the current users of the search engine" approach, then from the industry point of view, to give themselves a new search engine definition , it is possible to get the support of several other search engines. Of course, the biggest possibility is to form a big league, in the interests of the drive, nothing can not be achieved.

If this alliance is tight enough, this one is searched by 360 Start, other portals are backed by the team will become a rival Baidu, of course, a short period of time will not be too big changes, if the long-term force, even if Baidu's market will be slowly eroded, until evenly balanced, so the domestic search engine market will be a few more storms, And the user's right to choose is more.

backed by trees, allied with Baidu may not be

This strategy, the need for a head of advanced water, give up the direction of thinking, and the idea of the line, first like the big close, when the situation after the figure of the reverse water, of course, need to make a certain sacrifice, and may even be annihilated.

We can do a vision, a few years later, 360 search bigger and stronger, Baidu and 360 search into the potential of fire and war, the battle is full, it will be like a cool potato like a mouth war, and then announced marriage. If 360 really have such ability, if Baidu really can foresee the future will be such a situation, and then allied, better start now, let 360 with the identity of the younger brother behind himself, give enough benefits, let it always be a horse. Of course, this approach is very dangerous, it is likely to be the younger brother when the water.

Similarly, 360 can also rely on Baidu this tree quickly capture search engine market, as long as I do not destroy the 360 brand, you can maintain the ego, the hardships, a few years later in the appropriate time to come down a big comeback. But now it seems that the possibility of this strategy is basically zero, because 360 has not let Baidu agonizing performance, not enough knot Qinjin.

improving the stickiness of safety products through the diligence of the main industry

In addition to travelled, 360 the most should do is to stabilize their own rear area, will be the main industry to play out, and further enhance its "security experts" image, increase product function, improve product quality, so that more users can get a safe, fast, convenient experience, to get more users to support, This will allow this group of people to transition to 360 of search loyal users.

360 Go safe route is to be praised, and 360 go this route is easy to succeed, because he is in safety. So even if Baidu set up a security website Alliance, its user is not very clear to this concept, and if 360来 do security alliance, it will make people feel natural, this is probably the reason of 360.

lock style, build personality search engine

A successful search engine must have its own characteristics, such as singers have their own style, there are others do not skills, will be more attractive. Therefore, 360 search future online MP3, novels, libraries and other content should consider the performance and function of the difference, similar search performance is difficult to attract users ' attention.

such as blog, Community, encyclopedia and other search engines directly under the category of products, can also do, but at least in the positioning should pay attention to 2 points: first, can create more attractive products; second, if you can not exceed the number of opponents, the same may be on, the purpose is to suck the flow of competitors

Now the quality of life of netizens have been improved, the experience of network life is also greatly improved, a single search engine has completely unable to meet the needs of users. such as Sogou search, then launched a shopping search, at the point of the war, you can clearly search a few big electric dealers are doing promotional products. 360 search may also start from such aspects, from the perspective of meeting the needs of netizens to consider, to create a more intelligent, more fool-like life search, so that "search in the hand, the world I have" the Grand Blueprint can be achieved in 360 search.

actively explore and seize the commanding heights of new areas

If you can according to the characteristics of other search engines, to avoid those already existing hot features, and into a new search field, it is the best, if there is no better discovery, choose a better area of their own, you can quickly beat opponents, so as to seize its user resources and market.

In addition to attention to the search Engine field choice, also pay attention to the relevant areas of concern, such as mobile internet, triple network integration, things networking and cloud computing and other fields, if you can do some research in these areas, if you can find a certain degree of relevance to the search engine, it can start from these aspects, In order to create a more attractive 360 search.

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