Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Valentine's Day!

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  In the morning, friends sent a text message: "Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Valentine's Day !" Haha, then I am always in the heart to hum this song, the more I think this song is a sad love song, as if this song with a faint sorrow, maybe it's caused by my subjective emotions. This whole day, almost no one talked to each other and worked hard. I hope to finish my work early, and I will be able to think about Valentine's Day arrangements and adjust my mood for Valentine's Day. Since this morning, when we were sleepy and forced to drill out from the warm bed, we were in a bad mood and were always unable to make any effort! Alas! This sentiment! It's a waste of romantic days!

Before leaving work in the afternoon, I finally finished my work, However, the eyes of Venus are shining, and their eyes are dry and Their heads are dizzy. But I still don't want to spend this day in an odd way, so I can't feel dizzy and unhappy when I finish my Valentine's Day! After work, I propose to buy a small cake to create a romantic atmosphere. I bought a cake, went to my grandmother's house for dinner, and the whole family went to the barber shop to tidy up their hair. Well, the hairdresser asked me why I didn't take any action on such a special day when I got my hair full? I said the whole family was mobilized! Hey, you should say you are in action! This is also a big event on Valentine's Day! Haha

At ten o'clock, all the "Projects" were completed, and they went home. I went out and tested my walkie talkie. It's fun! When I came back, I played with him again. I took out all couplets obtained from various sources and selected couplets posted to the house door, backyard, and the new house. I put away the unused couplets and posted them next year. I couldn't send them to anyone. After doing these jobs, I took a picture of my Valentine's Day cake and watch walkie talkie, as a souvenir. Then I started to destroy the cake!

After a dizzy day, I realized today that I forgot to send my Valentine's Day cards !! Dizzy ~~! New Year!
Xiuxiuyan's Valentine's Day gift:


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