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Harmonious suit...

[Harmonious hand guard]
[Harmony necklace]
[Harmony Cap]

Three table sets...
[Smart stopwatch]
[Andohar pocket watch]
[Rough pocket table]

Bairong (8/8)
[Bid owner of wild bears]
[Glory shoulder armor of wild bears]
[Glory boots of wild bears]
[The glory of the wild bear]
[Nov bear's glorious headwear]
[Glory leg of wild bears]
[Nov bear's glorious chest armor]
[Glory belt of wild bears]

Set: reduce the probability of harmony by 10%
Set: when you are attacked, there is a probability that you will release a harmonious shield, absorbing 2000 points of harmonious damage for you, lasting 15 seconds
Set: Bring a harmonious HALO to your team members, reducing the damage caused by attacks by 20%

[Big teeth]
[The teeth of naraksis]
[Zombie teeth]
[Xiao Xun Menglong teeth]
[Balthera's teeth]
[White Teeth]
[Sharp crocodile teeth]
[Imshamhar's teeth]

Use: Combine the eight teeth into [Eight shame, the sword of the xism trial]

8 shame, the sword of xism
Bind after picking
Two-handed sword
0-0.10 damage speed
(5000.0 damage per second)
Level 71
Hit May: The goal of Harmony caused a total of 2008 points of damage during the 11th Five-Year Plan period.
Selling Price: merchants do not dare to ask for this item.

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