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If you have filmed food, it is not difficult to find that photography is very difficult, especially when the light is insufficient or messy background, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect, usually the food after the shooting does not look very tasty, but also very attractive. Recently found a free library of Japan, with the previous introduction of the gallery site, the collection of pictures mainly in the material and food, anyone without registration can download high-resolution photos! These free pictures are available for personal or commercial use, including DTP (Desktop Publishing, desktop publishing can also be used for restaurant menus or promotional printing, and is not subject to any use restrictions.

Sozai-page (material ページ) website provides free copyrighted material for users to download, the pictures are mainly for a variety of ingredients and food, including seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits, bread, fried food and some bubble noodles, cereals and so on, more specifically these materials are high resolution (3000px above), 6 million-pixel JPEG images, and the background is black or white mono-tone, for the designers who want to process, sozai-page photos in the use of more convenient.

Before you start, you may want to know the Sozai-page authorization and usage specification, the simple column is as follows:

You are free to use, whether in personal or commercial use

We are not responsible for the content, quality, status and results of the picture.

All pictures are free to be processed or later made. But we're not responsible for the outcome of the process.

No redistribution or sale of copyrighted images, whether processed or post-manufactured or not

If you have any pictures of the Sozai-page Gallery used on any publication, broadcast or media program, you are welcome to contact Sozai-page When you use them, but there is no hard and easy rule to do so.

Sozai-page "Material ページ"

Step 1

After opening the sozai-page, you can see some recently updated photo footage from the home page, and there will be some gas photos below, from the left-hand menu "カテゴリ" to find the food category you need.

Sozai-page Classification List The ingredients are very carefully detailed. If you can't read Japanese, you can translate the entire Web page into Chinese by helping Google Translate tools to help you copy and paste the Web site directly.

The Chinese classification list should allow us to find the right material photos more effort.

Step 2

Sozai-page each of the ingredients has a thumbnail that you can preview to let you know if it's the type you're looking for.

Even seafood fish are distinguished in detail.

Meat is also, see the beef, pork, chicken and eggs.

Step 3

Click on the photo material you want to download the page, there will be a simple description, because it is a preview of the picture, there will be a row of watermarks, but do not worry, download the original photos will not have any watermark on the above.

Below will show this photo of the original file size, file name, file size and format, click on the Blue "ダウンロード" (Download) to get the compressed file, after decompression, there are photos of the image!

The image below is the free material I downloaded from sozai-page, although it has been resized, it can still be found that the quality of the photo shoot is very high and the background is white, it will be convenient for processing or use!

Three reasons to be worth a try:

High resolution photo, 6 million pixel above JPG format

No registration, login account, you can freely download all the photos on the site

For personal or commercial use, allow for photo processing

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