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Barcode printer has a lot of brands and models, for the user to choose a wide economic, reliable quality of the printer, the following Shenzhen trust constant technology to introduce a very high price-control bar code printer: Booz had Postek C168, I hope to buy the barcode printer when it helps.

The C168 commercial barcode printer uses the black industrial plastic shell, the curved contour, the reinforced rib design fuselage frame and the print head module, from the product structure design fully considers the function application and the product strong and durable. Designed to optimize the internal space relative to other desktop printers, Booz C168 printer can be installed 300 meters long industrial carbon belt. For large print users, can save time to replace supplies, improve work efficiency, more convenient and quick.

The C168 printer also has two kinds of paper detectors: A penetrating sensor, a reflective sensor that can be adjusted. In other words, it can print a variety of labels, including self-adhesive labels, clothing tag, jewelry labels, tickets, continuous paper, washing mark webbing, and so on, widely used in the field of fixed Assets management, retail supermarkets, warehousing logistics, health care, clothing and jewelry labels and precious commodity labels.

Booz have C168 commercial label printer is randomly attached to the sticker paper frame, users can according to the actual printing needs, can be installed in the machine label paper volume inside the paper, you can also label paper roll installed on the external label Paper Shelf. Usually print a large volume, you need to install the larger volumes of the label, the label paper shelf will be useful. From this perspective, Booz has to C168 commercial printers standard external label paper frame, improve the user friendliness, making this C168 commercial label printer more cost-effective advantage.

Booz c168/200s commercial label printer using black industrial plastic shape design, can accommodate 300 meters of carbon tape supplies, and random attached to the external label paper roll, can load a larger label paper roll. High endurance of machine, stable work under high load printing. The configuration of reflective and penetrating two paper detectors, supporting a variety of industries and types of labels, you can print stickers, Shaobanlone pet self-adhesive, transparent dragon, coated labels, cardboard, ribbon washing mark and other labels. In the actual trial, its label print quality also has a good performance. Booz c168/200s suitable for use in clothing, supermarkets, logistics and other printing volume of the larger industry, easy and durable, has a good reputation in the market.

The above barcode printer is mainly used in commercial office area, if the printing volume is very large, and the application environment is very harsh, also need to choose industrial Barcode printer. About the barcode printer more products, you can visit Shenzhen Trust constant technology company website, you will be able to get more product information!

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