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When people try to understand performance, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence provides support for reporting, analysis, dashboards, and scorecards in terms of thinking and working methods. You can view information, analyze key factors, and quickly collaborate with key stakeholders to adjust your decisions for free.

·Report:Provide users with the information they need to make decisions based on facts.

·Dashboard:Users can access and interact with the content in a way that allows them to make decisions, and customize the content.

·Analysis:This feature enables you to access information from multiple perspectives and perspectives, allowing you to view and analyze information and help you make informed decisions.

·Collaboration:Functions include communication tools and social networks to facilitate opinion exchange during decision-making.

·Scorecard:The function automatically captures, manages, and monitors business indicators, allowing you to compare these indicators with your own strategic and operational goals.


I. software deployment is divided into several steps 1.1 install media preparation
  • Ibm cognos Enterprise developer editior v10.1
  • Ibm_cognos_business_intelligence_samples_10.1.0_for_oracle_windows_english
  • Oracle 11g Release 2 (11.2) for Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)
  • Oracle 11g R2 Client

Note:Cognos can be downloaded from the official website for 30 days free trial

1.2 install ibm cognos Enterprise developer editio v10.1

The install.exe in the double-hit installation media directory is too pale and straightforward, basically all the way to next:

Click Finish to exit the installation process. The IBM Cognos Bi Developer Edition manager is automatically opened in the browser.

Click Finish to automatically install the manager.

Log On with the username and password set during installation

Install Bi suite and frameworkmanager in sequence

At this point, ibmcognos enterprise developer editio v10.1 has been installed. You can enable relevant functions in the upper right corner.

1.3 install IBM Cognos samples_10.1.0_for_oracle

Double-click install_ora_samples in the installation media folder.

Installation is complete. The installation sample is located:

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ IBM \ cognosdeveloper \ webcontent \ Samples

The path's datasource \ oracle contains the DMP data file of the sample data. In the subsequent configuration, the DMP data backup file (excluding the cstatd. DMP and gs_db_ora) are imported to Oracle..

1.4 install Oracle 11g Release 2 (11.2) for Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)

This step is skipped directly and will not be installed in Google search, as long as you pay attention to the installation in the installation options set character set for UTF-8.

1.5 install Oracle 11g R2 Client

You can install the database by default. After the database is installed, the client can connect to the database server.


Note: The Oracle database server and Cognos can be deployed separately, but the Cognos client must be installed with the client corresponding to the Oracle version.

Ii. Post install ---- import sample data and connect to and configure the Cognos database after installation 2.1 restore the sample database

The data to be imported includes

Database or schema description




Great Outdoors sales


Great Outdoors Retailers


Great Outdoors sales data warehouse

Gosalesdw. dmp.gz

Great Outdoors market research

Gosalesmr. dmp.gz

Great Outdoors Human Resources

Gosaleshr. dmp.gz

The above compressed file is located:

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ IBM \ cognosdeveloper \ webcontent \ samples \ datasources \ oracle

Decompress it into a DMP file for Database Import.


Make the following preparations before importing data:

· Create a database with the same name as DMP, which is sensitive to size.

· Create a user with select permission

· Use UTF-8 encoding on the database server.

· Modify the client environment variables. Run set nls_lang = american_america.utf8 in windows.


Log on to the database as an administrator and execute the following database scripts:

create tablespace CSTATD datafile 'D:\app\yuyouxiang\oradata\orcl\CSTATD.dbf' size 50M autoextend on;create tablespace GOSALES datafile 'D:\app\yuyouxiang\oradata\orcl\GOSALES.dbf' size 100M autoextend on;create tablespace GOSALESRT datafile 'D:\app\yuyouxiang\oradata\orcl\GOSALESRT.dbf' size 5M autoextend on;create tablespace GOSALESDW datafile 'D:\app\yuyouxiang\oradata\orcl\GOSALESDW.dbf' size 200M autoextend on;create tablespace GOSALESMR datafile 'D:\app\yuyouxiang\oradata\orcl\GOSALESMR.dbf' size 25M autoextend on;create tablespace GOSALESHR datafile 'D:\app\yuyouxiang\oradata\orcl\GOSALESHR.dbf' size 25M autoextend on;create user CSTATD identified by CSTATD default tablespace CSTATD;grant connect,resource,dba to CSTATD;create user GOSALES identified by GOSALES default tablespace GOSALES;grant connect,resource,dba to GOSALES;create user GOSALESRT identified by GOSALESRT default tablespace GOSALESRT;grant connect,resource,dba to GOSALESRT;create user GOSALESDW identified by GOSALESDW default tablespace GOSALESDW;grant connect,resource,dba to GOSALESDW;create user GOSALESMR identified by GOSALESMR default tablespace GOSALESMR;grant connect,resource,dba to GOSALESMR;create user GOSALESHR identified by GOSALESHR default tablespace GOSALESHR;grant connect,resource,dba to GOSALESHR;

Open CMD and execute Database Import:

IMP cstatd/cstatd @ orclfile = D: \ DMP \ cstatd. dmp log = D: \ imp_cstatd.log full = y

IMP gosales/gosales @ orclfile = D: \ DMP \ gosales. dmp log = D: \ imp_gosales.log full = y

IMP gosalesrt/gosalesrt @ orclfile = D: \ DMP \ gosalesrt. dmp log = D: \ imp_gosalesrt.log full = y

IMP gosalesdw/gosalesdw @ orclfile = D: \ DMP \ gosalesdw. dmp log = D: \ imp_gosalesdw.log full = y

IMP gosalesmr/gosalesmr @ orclfile = D: \ DMP \ gosalesmr. dmp log = D: \ imp_gosalesmr.log full = y

IMP gosaleshr/gosaleshr @ orclfile = D: \ DMP \ gosaleshr. dmp log = D: \ imp_gosaleshr.log full = y

Run the gs_or_modify. SQL script. The file is in the same folder as DMP.C: \ Program Files (x86) \ IBM \ cognosdeveloper \ webcontent \ samples \ datasources \ oracle.

So far, the sample data import is complete.

2.2 create a data source connection for the sample database

Open IBM Cognos Bi Developer Edition manager and start IBM Cognos administration in the upper right corner.

Select Configuration

Click create data source in the upper right corner.

Enter the name, and then select the data source type, Oracle

Enter the Oracle database instance name, username, and password, and click test connection.

The test is successful.

Now the cstatd database has been added to IBM Cognos Administration

Repeat the preceding steps to add other sample databases.

2.3 import sample content

Include the sample content in the c: \ Program Files (x86) \ IBM \ cognosdeveloper \ webcontent \ samples \ content \ oracle location

Copy it to c: \ Program Files (x86) \ IBM \ Cognos developer \ deployment

Then select create import in the upper-right corner of configuration> content management.

Select one of them, such as ibm_cognos_samples.

So far, we have imported a sample content. We can analyze it through IBM Cognos Business Insight.

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