Install the oracle client in linux and the linuxoracle Client

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Install the oracle client in linux and the linuxoracle Client

1. Prepare the required installation package.


Install oracle-instantclient-basic- first, install other

2. Create users, groups, and directories

[Root @ wxcs-2 oracle] # groupadd oinstall
[Root @ wxcs-2 oracle] # groupadd dba
[Root @ wxcs-2 oracle] # useradd-g oinstall-G dba oracle
[Root @ wxcs-2 oracle] # passwd oracle
Changing password for user oracle.
New UNIX password:
Bad password: it is based on a dictionary word
Retype new UNIX password:
Passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.
[Root @ wxcs-2 oracle] # mkdir-p/home/oracle/network/admin
[Root @ wxcs-2 oracle] # chown-R oracle: oinstall/home/oracle
[Root @ wxcs-2 oracle] # chmod-R 755/home/oracle

3. Copy tnsnames. ora from the oracle server and put it under the/home/oracle/network/admin directory.
4. Modify Environment Variables

[Oracle @ wxcs-2 ~] $ Vi. bash_profile

Export ORACLE_HOME =/home/oracle
Export SQLPATH =/home/oracle/network/admin
Export TNS_ADMIN =/home/oracle/network/admin
Export LD_LIBRARY_PATH =/usr/lib/oracle/ $ LD_LIBRARY_PA

[Oracle @ wxcs-2 ~] $ Source. bash_profile environment variables take effect immediately

5. You can connect to the oracle server normally.

[Oracle @ wxcs-2 ~] $ Sqlplus zhgy/zhgy@


After installing the oracle server in linux, you can also install the client

You have installed the corresponding client tool by default when installing the server, but it is also possible to install the client again.

How to install the Oracle client in linux

Install as root user
Rpm-ivh oracle-instantclient-basic-
Rpm-ivh oracle-instantclient-sqlplus- Configuration
Add vim/etc/profile
Export ORACLE_HOME =/usr/lib/oracle/
Export ORACLE_BASE =/usr/lib/oracle/
To set environment variables, restart the machine!
Create a configuration file
Create the following network/admin directory in the ORACLE_HOME directory and create the tnsnames. ora file. The content is as follows:
Vim/usr/lib/oracle/ ora
# Tnsnames. ora Network Configuration File:/opt/oracle10g/u01/network/admin/tnsnames. ora
# Generated by Oracle configuration tools.111 =
(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP) (HOST = (PORT = 1521 )))
(SERVICE_NAME = dmsdb) test
Go to the ORACLE_HOME/bin directory and run the following command:
[Yleesun @ centos bin] $./sqlplus zxd/zxd @ 111
Copyright (c) 1982,201 1, Oracle. All rights reserved.
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing optionsSQL test successful! Note:
If the following error occurs:
The environment variable does not take effect!

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