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After the weekend, I posted a recruitment information and talked about my experience. Let's make a comparison and comment. What is the value of this position? A group enterprise located in Shenzhen guanwaibao District

I. Requirements for. NET senior software engineers are as follows:
1. Majored in computer science, with a level 4 or above English proficiency, and a college degree or above.
2. Familiar with. NET platform technology, proficient in C # programming under the VS. NET Framework, mainly based on WinForm programming, and proficient in Delphi programming;
3. Master ADO. NET and ASP. NET, master the development and application of at least one mainstream database (SQL Server and Oracle), and be familiar with the stored procedure and trigger programming;
4. Master object-oriented system analysis methods and design methods, and be familiar with B/S and C/S structure software development; more than two years.. NET platform database development experience, and more than one formal project is preferred;

Ii. Personal Information (outlined in the preceding requirements ):

1. Bachelor's degree, but an adult, out-of-production system. No Level 4 certificate, but English for an adult degree has passed, because to apply for a bachelor's degree, you must have a degree in English.

2.. NET has been used since 2004. In addition, most of them develop ERP in the factory. The requirements here may all exceed his requirements. Dephi has maintained the dephi6 project in a company.

3. I personally think it is totally correct and exceeded.

3. Come to the company and interview:

The Human Resources Department has met and then went to the technical department to perform a computer test (to be honest, I have never done such a test before. Generally, I just talked about it and then I want to make a shot, don't ask for a call .), Now, let's make a shell.

Question 1: Write a 9*9 multiplication table and use a dynamic Button to carry each formula. I finished it in about 10 minutes, and then posted the implementation code.

9-9 multiplication table
Private void DoGenerate ()
For (int I = 1; I <10; I ++)
For (int j = 1; j <10; j ++)
Button btn = new Button ();
Btn. Top = I * 22;
Btn. Left = j * 75;
Btn. Text = j. ToString () + "*" + I. ToString () + "=" + I * j;
If (I <j)
This. Controls. Add (btn );

After that, I chatted with another buddy. The other party told me that they are. NET, Dephi, and VB6. After chatting for a long time, the person in charge of the test was estimated to be the first person who came here. After reading it, he was very satisfied and asked me to use dephi to implement it. Oh, my god, I really can't do it to dephi, because I used to do maintenance work with my colleagues. Maybe I could ask my colleagues for help, no projects have been written by dephi. You can drag several ado controls to display them. After grinding Ji for a long time and failing to meet the requirements, I decided to talk about it. At, they seem to be off work. I came to the head and said something about dephi, right? I thought it would be okay, and I had to tell the truth, I had to do maintenance with my colleagues for help. Then the header says, to. net. is familiar with it, right? I said yes. Then he said, let's do it again,

Question 2: Create a new modification and deletion function and draw a picture for me. Create a data table. When I got half of this question, it was time for them to get off work, so he asked me to go back at pm. I also had to come out and have a meal at the snack bar outside, and then finish the unfinished interview questions in the morning. This question will not be posted due to the large amount of code. But we can see that this header is quite satisfactory. Even well, well,. net is good ....

Finally, we gave two SQL questions:

Question 3: Assume that a table has three columns. If the first column is greater than the second column value, the first column is displayed; otherwise, the second column is displayed. If the second column is greater than the third column, the second column is displayed; otherwise, the third column is displayed.

I use a cursor loop. Then, case when... else... end is used.

Question 4: use SQL to create a temporary table and a system temporary table. The column names are respectively ID and Value, and all are integer.

As soon as I saw this question, I said on the spot that you are insulting my abilities. Have you done anything that I did not develop? However, in his explanation, I barely wrote the answer.

Of course, the other side is satisfied with the answers and my explanations for these two SQL questions. Finally, I was taken to another place with a very big assignment. I didn't leave my seat, nor did I introduce my position. I asked me some questions directly in my seat and said that the salary requirement was too high. He asked the boss to ask for help. If he could, he would call me. Khan, I am still writing this article here till now, and I don't know where the other party is. This is also the first time I have received such an interview .....

My expected salary and treatment have been written in the beginning. Since this requirement is not met, why do we need to do so much? Isn't it okay to simply renew it in dephi?

I wrote this article and boldly posted it on the homepage, not to say that this company is nothing. There is no other purpose. I just want to show my colleagues how much money should I pay for this job and the interviews I have done? The weekend is used as an anti-DDOS service, and the abuse attacks and so on are declined.

I finally came up with a feeling: Why is it so difficult to change a proper job this year?




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