ipad mini2 upgrade 9.0.2 After unlocking white screen resolution

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What is the phenomenon of unlocking white screen? When you swipe your finger to unlock the interface, the screen turns white within 1 seconds, a black apple in the middle, and a few seconds later back to the sliding-unlocked interface. I appear this phenomenon is not because upgrade 9.0.2, but upgrade the 9.0.2 after the installation of Sogou input method, I now dare not to install software (I did not jailbreak).

In order to solve this problem I have tried many methods, itunes recovery and update does not work, either the update failed, or after the update in the "Swipe to upgrade" interface or will encounter the same white screen.

Very reluctant, like in advertising, I am using the AI SI assistant software to solve this problem. Through this software I will re-brush the system will be 9.0.1, after the completion of the brush machine problem solved. I think if you can only use itunes to reduce the version of the Brush Apple system, may also be able to solve the problem. See a lot of people on the net to ask this question, the following answer basic are not too big effect, oneself accidentally solved this problem, on the hair up, in case someone just see, not like I in no solution when the use of Windows tablet after the helpless idea.

ipad mini2 upgrade 9.0.2 After unlocking white screen resolution

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