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What about the ipad Air screen? ipad Air-yin Screen solution

light is sufficient, the naked eye is still difficult to find. Of course, the user feedback is not vexatious, the problem is really real, other than that, psychological or a little influence. IPad Mini 2 is also not optimistic if the panel is too thin Apple has yet to give an explanation for the "Yin-yang screen" issue with the

How is the ipad air/mini2 blue screen? What should I do if the ipad air/mini2 blue screen cannot be turned on?

ios8.1 caused by the blue screen can not open the machine, including the ipad Air and the ipad Mini 2, these problems often come out of the device to upgrade to IOS 8.1 after the game, watching video or Safari in the process of the unknown cause of the crash, but there are n

What about the splash screen on the ipad Air software? ipad Air splash screen Solution

Problem status IPad air from the background into a lot of software appear splash screen, and the other video display flower screen? Example 2 My mini is also like this, now found only in the App Store scrolling screen, will fla

What if the black screen of ipad air cannot be turned on? Solution to ipad air black screen crash

1, we can try to use the black screen leprous press the top of the power button for 10 seconds or so, to see if there will be a white apple boot icon. 2, if the Power lock button did not respond to any, we can try to press the home button and the power button , this attempt about 10 seconds can also reboot the system. 3, the above two methods are not good you can try to charge the

How do I set the screen lock password for iPad Air? Tutorial on setting screen lock password for iPad Air

1 we find "settings" in the ipad Air and go to open it 2 OK after opening and then find inside the "settings" into the inside to find the "universal" into the open. (pictured below) 3 and after we click on "Universal" enter you will see a "Open password" Now we click on it to open the entry. (pictured below) 4. After this we found inside the "Se

What about the ipad Air screen remnant? ipad Air Shadow Solution

how to detect the IPad mini2 residual problem? According to the user description, when used, although the current application has been closed, the screen still stays on the screens for a few minutes, very affecting the user to identify the content on the current screen. The ipad mini2

How to identify the ipad Yin-yang screen? The ipad Air screen identification method

What is the ipad Air Yin-yang screen First, the so-called "yellow and white yin and yang screen" is in fact one side of the color of the Huang IPad3, the problem has appeared on the top of the above, for the new Ipadair again this problem, may be due to the new ultra-thin screen

IPad air WeChat full screen ipad WeChat full screen method

ipad micro-Letter Full-screen effect This method needs to be done on the premise that the ipad has escaped because it needs to be modified to the ipad application file. First, open the IFile folder inside the ipad tablet computer, and then expand the file path: Var/m

Apple ipad Air screen side yellow, yin and yang screen can be returned?

My question. Under the white screen, the ipad Air screen is slightly yellow, vertical hold when the left side yellow, more obvious, if all the yellow like the first time with IPhone5 that is not only the habit of color temperature, is that half of the Mura in the Apple now keyboard what all with white iOS7 under where

How can I view the serial number of iPad Air2? IPad air 2 serial number viewing tutorial

1) view the serial number in the iPad Air 2 boxThe serial number is displayed on the back of the new iPad Air 2 package, as shown in the following figure.2) in

As a result of last week's conference, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 were released

The fan quota of the iPad mini seems to have maintained its product loyalty to a certain extent, because hundreds of thousands of iPad Mini 3 consumers have previously used other iPad Mini products. Of course, all of the above figures have integrated the sales of iPad products on slice's IoT platform.In fact, as early

How to set the lock screen password for Apple ipad Air

Specific steps 1. Click "Set" in your ipad to enter 2. The following figure finds the "general" option in the setup 3. Then click the "Password Lock" option as shown in the following figure 4. Here we need to open the password first, click the "Open password" option, as shown in the picture 5. Then we enter two simple 4 digit password again, as shown in the figure 6. So the

The ipad air Touch screen does not respond and gets stuck. How can this problem be solved?

Cause analysis If the new device is a hardware problem, we can directly replace the new, if it is caused by the software to delete or update the software can be resolved. Solutions 1. At the same time, press the "Sleep/Wake" (sleep/wake) and home button to see if the screen will have an Apple logo icon does not. 2, select "Settings" ("General")-> "->" (reset)-> "Reset all settings" (Reset all) to restor

ipad mini2 upgrade 9.0.2 After unlocking white screen resolution

What is the phenomenon of unlocking white screen? When you swipe your finger to unlock the interface, the screen turns white within 1 seconds, a black apple in the middle, and a few seconds later back to the sliding-unlocked interface. I appear this phenomenon is not because upgrade 9.0.2, but upgrade the 9.0.2 after the installation of Sogou input method, I now dare not to install software (I did not jailb

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