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Java written test face to finish the first wave-CSDN blog

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Java variables
About enumerations
Access control modifier
UTF-8 and GBK encoding conversions
trycatchfinally Execution Order problem
Static code block subclass parent class initialization Order
About null objects static variables and methods
About thread Start
About Inner Classes
Final modifier volatile modifier
StringBuffer and StringBuilder
Variable parameters
About Classification of exceptions
Other Java written questions finishing second wave-Csdn blog

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Comparison of several ways to delete list-time duration
Java basic data types and wrapper classes
Type of parameter in switch
The difference between equals and
What are the common methods for object
Four kinds of references in Java Reference Strong reference soft reference weak reference virtual reference Java written test face questions finishing Third Wave-Csdn blog

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Splitstring Regex method Arguments for string note points
About the Hashcode method
The difference between override and overload
Arraylistvectorlinkedlist Difference
Stringstringbufferstringbuilder Difference
The characteristics and usage of Mapsetlistqueuestack java written test face questions finishing--CSDN blog

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Links and differences between HashMap, HashTable, Concurrent, HashMap
The difference between the Treemaphashmaplinkedhashmap
The difference between collection package structure and collections
Oom What situations have you encountered SOF you have encountered?
Java object-oriented three features and implementation of meaning polymorphism
The difference between interface and abstract class
The difference between static class and non static class The Java written examination question finishing five wave-Csdn blog

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Two ways to implement multithreading
Access control modifier Phounue Supplemental
Methods of thread synchronization
Rank method of lock lock Object lock class Lock Java written test face question finishing Sixth Wave (revised edition)-CSDN blog

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Thread pool ThreadPool Related
Producer and Consumer models
The difference between sleep and wait Java written test face questions finishing Seventh Wave-Csdn blog

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The role of Super
About construction methods
Transient keyword usage
Which of the following classes can be inherited
For and foreach traversal comparisons
Java IO and NiO Java written questions finishing eighth Wave-Csdn blog

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Problem of variable initialization
Suspend and Resume methods
A few small points of knowledge that need attention
Automatic unboxing box problem
The execution of the finally statement is before or after return
New characteristics of Java17 and Java18
Exception throw problem

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