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[Original] Microsoft's written test experience and written test experience

software is not just as simple as simply implementing functions. ● Intellectual questions I have mentioned a lot on the Internet, but I am not very good at it. This question has some weight, but not all. I feel more helpful, but not very useful. People should not only expect intelligence to live, but also focus more on what we can do. ● English English is an absolutely important thing for large companies or foreign companies. Especially for companies like Microsoft, because the objects you need

Test Review version-first lecture: Performance test written Big Touch (ON)-First edition answer

Just coarse to tidy up. Finish it later. Some of the questions are too clumsy, Chinese topic (This csdn seems to be the original translation of the source) Http:// This is an English original. Http:// And a set of questions zee. Http:// 1. What is a load

[Original] Microsoft written Test experience summary

I have received a number of friends who will be in the Microsoft written test on the day of the letter, have wanted me to provide some suggestions. In fact, my own level is limited, the experience should be said very little. But I also want to take this opportunity to review , after all, pinch to count, the time I went to the written

How to solve Chinese garbled characters written into MySQL using Java

here mainly because of the different encoding used previously. re-run the previously written Program: java JDBCTest 1 ???? MySQL ???????? 2 ?? MySQL ?? 3. Test MySQL Encoding From the third record, we can see that Chinese characters can be properly added and displayed when the program connects to the database. Mysql> select * from messages; + ---- + ------

(Transfer) the best written test questions for Embedded C developers

and return int(D) None of the aboveQuestion 13th: Differences and relationships between arrays and pointersMain (){Char P;Char Buf [10] = {1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 8 };P = (BUF + 1) [5];Printf ("% d", P );}The output of this program is:(A) 5(B) 6(C) 9(D) None of the aboveQuestion 14th: Examine the pointer ArrayVoid F (char **);Main (){Char * argv [] = {"AB", "cd", "Ef", "GH", "IJ", "Kl "};F (argv );}Void F (char ** P){Char * t;T = (p + = sizeof (INT) [-1];Printf ("% s", t );}The output of this program

JSP page written in Chinese to MySQL garbled (go)

Today, I use JSP to write Chinese to MySQL when garbled, read from the database when it is also displayed as "?? ", it feels like there should be a loss of character information during the encoding conversion process. Then execute the command directly in MySQL and find that Chinese is normal and that there is a problem when writing Chinese in the database.On the

Java written test one

= Tempstr.trim ();}catch (Exception e) {System.err.println (E.getmessage ());}return tempstr;}69. Brief description of logical operation (,|,^) and condition operation (,| |) The difference.The difference between the main answer two: a. Conditional operations can only operate on Boolean, while logical operations not only manipulate Boolean, but also manipulate numeric typesB. Logical operation does not cause a short circuit70. There are several forms of XML document definition. What are the ess

Java Written test interview topic (i)

-digit value into an internal symbol and byte array;(3) Provide the function of subtraction.public class BigInteger{ int sign; byte[] val; public BigInteger(String val){ sign = ; val = ; } public BigInteger add(BigInteger other){} public BigInteger subtract(BigInteger other){} public BigInteger multiply(BigInteger other){} public BigInteger divide(BigInteger other){}} 备注:想要写出这个完整的代码,是比较复杂的,笔试和面试中可能没有足够的时间写出,感兴趣的伙伴可参看jdk中自带的java.math.Biginteger类的

"JavaScript" Code network front-end written test local environment construction

Reference: Ac%e5%9c%b0%e7%8e%af%e5%a2%83%e6%90%ad%e5%bb%ba.htmlImplementation of the Print methodThis is no difficulty, just console.log change the name of the thing, a line of code can be solved.var print = Console.logimplementation of Read_line methodAs we Node.js all know, it is an asynchronous language, so it is readline also an asynchronous operation, according to the node. JS

JAVA Written test notes

get a release solution: Implement the Equals and Hascode methods of the key class. 49. Heap: Holds the stack of objects created at runtime: the base type and the reference variable 50. Collections class containing a large collection of interfaces "list (save in order) set (element non-repeatable) map (save key-value pairs ()" List (LinkedList bidirectional list ArrayList vector synchronized with different steps) Map (HashMap, unsafe weakmap identityhahmap) *key non-repeatable collection is a co

Java written test question 009

1 , Char can a type store a Chinese character? WhyAnswer: Yes. A char is two bytes, and a Chinese is two bytes. 2 , switch SELECT statement can function in string "string", which is the ability to write: switch ( ) answer: No, can only handle Int,byte,short,char , (in fact, it can only handle int, three other types are available Promotion to the int type) cannot be processed sring . 3 , Keywords

Convert Arabic numerals to Chinese written numerals

A few days ago someone in the group wrote this, as if quite tangled in the appearance, he helped him write a.The main idea is that the Chinese digital reading method is four-bit four-bit, high-level digital reading is XXXX million XXXX million xxxx.voidStart () {//test DataDebug.Log (Full_toword (987654321) );D Ebug. Log (Full_toword (907654321) );D Ebug. Log (Full_toword (9000900654321) );D Ebug. Log (Full

A test script that is readily written in the Python learning

)Print (' Run Tstr.pop (1), Tstr is ', tstr)Tstr.pop (-1)Print (' Run Tstr.pop ( -1), Tstr is ', tstr)# # Other data can also be used in arraysTSTR2 = [' Z1 ', ' Z2 ']Print (' Tstr2 is ', TSTR2)Tstr.insert (1,TSTR2)Print (' Insert tstr2, Tstr is ', tstr)Tstr2.insert (2, ' Z3 ')Print (' After TSTR2 changed, Tstr2 is ', TSTR2)Print (' After TSTR2 changed, Tstr is ', tstr)# # defines and references a tuple array, uses (), cannot be modified after a tuple definition, 1 elements must be defined with

SQL written test

, score)Answer: Select t3.* from (select top 2 t2.* from (select Top 3 name,subject,score,stuid from Stuscore where subject=\ ' math \ ' Orde R by score Desc) T2 ORDER by T2.score) T3 ORDER BY T3.score Desc11. Find out the ranking of John Doe's mathematical achievementsAnswer:Declare @tmp table (PM int,name varchar (), score int,stuid int) insert INTO @tmp select Null,name,score,stuid from Stuscore where subject=\ ' math \ ' ORDER BY score Descdeclare @id intset @id =0;update @tmp set @[email pr

Success is mine, and failure is mine. After Microsoft's written test

analysis questions are made, the delay is too long.Another question was not answered at all,Later, I asked the teacher to know that linear algebra can be used,Unfortunately, linear algebra has long been forgotten. This test performed poorly in terms of scores,However, Ye is quite good at further understanding of his own gaps.When I came to the Chinese Emy of sciences, I felt a good learning atmosphere,Esp

Baidu 2015 school recruited Beijing machine learning/data mining engineers for a written test (location: Tianjin University)

length of 20. Now the machine has 8 GB of memory. How can this problem be solved. Iii. System Design Questions Forward maximum matching algorithm (FMM) for Chinese Word Segmentation in natural language processing ). Note: The example explains the basic idea of FMM. (1) design the data structure struct dictnote of the dictionary. (2) Use C/C ++ to implement FMM. The optional interface is Int FMM (vector Here, iletters is the sentence to be segmented,

Solve--where to go to the net written question----is this a Chinese word?

Where to go online written Chinese word breaker program Took part in the written test of where to go net The main idea: Asp.php.jsp.javascript language is not limited to convert it into javascript.jsp.php.asp This means that the user enters a string that contains a number of "." Separated characters), you write a progr

Input Arabic numerals (integers) and output corresponding Chinese characters (one of the first written questions of Meituan in September 16, 2014)

On September 16, September 16, 2014, Meituan was one of the Nanjing pen test questions. The original requirement is that the number of digits of the input integer can be up to four digits. Here, 12 is extended to the previous level. Ideas and steps: 1. Identify whether the input is valid and filter the '0' at the top of the string '. 2. Divide the string into four-digit groups. The output mode of each group of four-digit integers is the same. For exam

Solution -- where to go Net test question ---- is this a Chinese word segmentation?

Solution -- where to go Net test questions ---- is this a Chinese word segmentation? where to go Net test a Chinese word segmentation program Participated in the written examination of CEN Asp. php. jsp. javascript is not limited to converting it into javascript. jsp. php. a

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